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A new premium shape in aseptic carton

With a unique perceptive visual characteristic, Caliz gives you more ways to position and differentiate your brand on aseptic carton shelf. 

The new eye-catching shape is designed to meet the changing of market segment that looks for superior and functional package for today’s needs and tomorrow’s trends.

A new business opportunity is here to be seized.

A good taste, in a functional, long-lasting and distinctive premium pack. 

That's the way to make your product lovable!

Great Iconic brands

The big international names since the early 1900s have built their brand strength by focusing on packaging uniquely shaped.
Caliz makes it possible in the aseptic carton market.
Great iconic brand

Unique way to stand out

Brands require packaging to be identified and recognized by consumers

Caliz gives the opportunity to build up brand loyalty and obtain a long-lasting and distinctive shape on shelves.
Caliz on shelf

The market demands premium carton pack


"It draws attention! The market is hungry for novelty and now I have possibility to have my product stunning."


Retailer IPI aseptic carton
"70% of purchasing decisions are made in less than 3 seconds, so a product must have a shape easily recognizable on the shelf”.


Consumers say about Caliz
“I am excited when I find new packaging or product on shelf which should be easy to handle, pour and drink."