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IPI’s Product Portfolio expansion

Thanks to the newest shapes recently launched, today IPI’s aseptic packaging portfolio includes 5 different formats: Standard, Slim, Square, SuperSlim and Caliz, available in several volumes (from 100 ml to 1000 ml), making it possible to obtain 28 different types of packs for dimension and shape. IPI also offers many opening and closing devices such as straw-hole, Clip, Twist cap and King Twist cap. No sealing on top allows to provide the one-step Twist cap system for all volumes, starting from the 200 ml portion packs. As a result, you can choose from over 60 combinations of packs and openings. In fact, the Company’s portfolio is endless: being customer centric, IPI is always ready to work closely with clients to design personalized package shapes.
The two new packages, SuperSlim and Caliz, have been receiving a positive feedback from existing and potential customers, generating a great interest worldwide.
Caliz with its unique shape can play a significant role in product differentiation: rounded corners and high front facing panel are an ideal stylish extra space for innovative messaging and branding. Moreover, its smooth curvy edges make the package as easy to handle as a bottle.
SuperSlim shape, as the name suggests, is a slender package impossible to miss on the shelf, being higher and more streamlined than any other.
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