IPI Caliz aseptic carton oh shelf

CALIZ aseptic carton packages

Making your products lovable!

Grow with Caliz!

Caliz is designed for a strong shelf impact, perfect handling and a pleasant pour-from and drink-from experience.

Whatever the angle – style, brand impact, functionality, operational cost – Caliz looks great!

The package profile is very appealing and draws attention, encouraging impulse buying. Caliz packs are sleek and fun, yet functional, perfect on-the-go or at home.

Caliz premium shape

Our new premium ambient carton

Caliz gives you more ways to position and differentiate your brand on aseptic carton shelf. 

The new eye-catching shape is designed to meet the demands of a market searching for superior and functional packaging for today’s needs and tomorrow’s trends.

It is the perfect packaging for drinking products like juices, drinks and milk, and is especially designed for high quality value-added beverages such as: nectars, enriched milk, milk for infants, drinking yogurt, energy and isotonic drinks, coconut water and coffee based products.

Play with curves to catch the attention!

Its distinctive stylish design with rounded corners and large graphic area provides a great chance for boosting your brand's appeal on the crowded shelf.

Mix colour and text messages on the corner and sides to enhance your product.

A new business opportunity is here to be seized.

Caliz, enhance the shape with graphic
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Making your product lovable!


Symmetrical rounded corners offer outstanding ergonomics with a carton body that is comfortable to hold. The easy grip and screw cap make pouring from the package safe and accurate. Its easy-to-grab shape adapts to a variety of daily needs, from domestic to the on-the-go.

Your product in a functional, long-lasting and distinctive premium pack.

Caliz is an ergonomic package designed by IPI
IPI aseptic carton packaging Caliz range

A wide package solution range

Caliz family comes in six different sizes, 200 ml, 250 ml, 330 ml, 500 ml, 946 ml, 950 ml, 1000 ml, fitting a broad range of products and consumer needs.

The Twist cap can be applied starting from the 200ml on-the-go packaging.

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