Cap Openings

Opening and closing systems

Our opening and closing systems offer the consumer many advantages such as optimal control of the pour and a safe closing, as well as making the cardboard packs even more appealing and visible on the shelf.

Like all the other secondary machines used in our packaging lines, even the Cap and Straw Applicators are designed to best meet all production needs.

Tethered Cap

Tethered Caps

In accordance with the European Union's Single Use Plastic (SUP) Directive, beverage producers, retailers based in the EU and importers into the EU are required to implement tethered caps and lids. These solutions are specifically designed to remain attached to containers, with compliance required by July 2024.


Twist Cap

The Twist Cap allows best-in-class opening, closing and resealing of the carton: just screw off the cap to open, then twist and tighten it to reclose. The ideal solution for all your aseptic carton packages, from portion to family packs! Available also in BIO-based material!


Twist Tethered
IPI paper straws

Paper straw

IPI is one of the first suppliers of complete solutions for the aseptic packaging of beverages and liquid foods in the world to provide paper straws, anticipating the Single-Use Plastics (SUP) directive. Coming from completely renewable sources and being fully recyclable, our paper straws are 100% functional.



We offer a wide variety of straws that you can apply to bricks.

Depending on the pack size and your preferences, you can choose between straws of various lengths and shapes (U-type, telescopic and straight).

IPI offers more types of straws that you can apply to bricks

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