Our opening and closing systems offer the consumer many advantages such as optimal control of the pour and a safe closing, as well as making the cardboard packs even more appealing and visible on the shelf.

Like all the other secondary machines used in our packaging lines, even the Cap and Straw Applicators are designed to best meet all production needs.

Twist Cap

The Twist Cap allows best-in-class opening, closing and resealing of the carton: just screw off the cap to open, then twist and tighten it to reclose.
It optimizes product preservation after the first package opening and can be applied on portion packs for on-the-go consumption.


  • Easy to use (one-step opening)
  • Very high functionality
  • Excellent pour of the product
  • Ideal for on-the-go consumption

Available colours: blue, green, red, white.

IPI patented Twist cap
King twist cap is the biggest cap for aseptic cartons ever

King Twist Cap

King Twist is the largest opening ever in the aseptic carton packaging world.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, it ensures a bundant and flowing product pour. Extremely easy to unscrew, the new one-step cap makes the package even more attractive and stylish.

Available colours: blue, green, red, white.


Clip Cap

The Clip cap is very easy to open, just flip and pull the lever. In addition it enables smooth and stable pouring as well as a fast and easy reclosing. This solution guarantees an optimal and controlled pouring of the product, which has made it a success for kitchen products such as pasta and tomate frito, as well as for juices and UHT milks.


  • Easy to open (two-step lifting)
  • No additional films or devices needed
  • Excellent stackability of the pack
  • Significant savings on logistics
  • Re-closing with audible click
  • Good to pour from

Available colours: blue, green, red, white.

The Clip cap is an opening solution patented by IPI
IPI offers more types of straws that you can apply to bricks


We offer a wide variety of straws that you can apply to bricks.

Depending on the pack size and your preferences, you can choose between straws of various lengths and shapes (U-type, telescopic and straight).

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