UHT Milk and Dairy products filled in IPI aseptic carton packaging

Dairy products

Aseptic bricks: the ideal solution for dairy products!

UHT Milk and Dairy products filled in IPI aseptic carton packaging

Dairy products

Aseptic bricks: the ideal solution for dairy products!

Aseptic bricks: the ideal solution for dairy products!

IPI is an aseptic solutions provider that helps you face the challenges of the dairy industry. UHT white milk, drinking yoghurt, feta cheese and other dairy products account for almost 60% of aseptically filled foods and beverages: it is good to know that over 90% of these are packaged in carton bricks and that interest in premium packages is constrantly growing! When it comes to milk and milk-based products, reliability and safety come first: with 40 years of experience in providing lines for aseptic packaging in multilayer cartons and turnkey projects including UHT processing plants, IPI is the ideal partner to package your dairy products!

UHT milk packaging: cartons the preferred choice

UHT milk (Ultra-High Temperature) is long-life milk resulting from a thermal process to kill bacteria and heat-resistant enzymes, while preserving nutrients and vitamins. This process helps to maintain the asepticity of the product for a long time, even when it is kept outside of the fridge, until the package is opened. The UHT process kills the bacteria in the milk which is then cooled and packaged aseptically. The most suitable and widespread type of packaging is the one offered by IPI, ie the multilayer carton bricks, which protect the milk for up to 12 months at room temperature.

UHT milk packaging: cartons the preferred choice

Consumption of milk is really key. In fact, we all know how important milk is from a nutritional point of view as it is rich in many minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. This is also why we support numerous school milk programs around the word.

The UHT milk market is growing steadily, driven by rising consumption in China and other fast-growing Asian countries, which are more than offsetting slight declines in some developed markets.

Although cow's milk is certainly the most consumed, there is also a large worldwide consumption for buffaloes, goats, sheep and camel’s milk.

By virtue of our expertise, we have provided customers all over the world with aseptic filling lines, top-quality multilayer packaging material and closures for UHT milk cartons.

Any interesting example? Important customer in Mexico.

UHT milk can be filled in our aseptic bricks
Flavored milk can be filled in our aseptic bricks!

Flavoured milk: a sweet and tasty variant in aseptic bricks!

Flavoured milk is a dairy drink made with milk, flavoring and sugar. Often enriched with vitamins and calcium, these drinks have traditionally been targeted at children and are included in school meal plans in several countries, for example in the US and India. The flavored milk market is expected to grow at a 2020-2025 CAGR of 5.2%.

Behind the success of flavored milk is the search for adult-friendly flavours and innovative packaging in order to broaden the consumer base, as well as giving an alternative to busy consumers by launching nutritional and reduced-sugar meal solutions that can be consumed on the go thanks to aseptic packaging solutions.

Flavoured milk: a sweet and tasty variant in aseptic bricks!

Because of the growing demand, new popular flavours such as coffee, vanilla, caramel and maple have recently been launched on the market alongside to the classic ones such as strawberry and chocolate.

An eye-catching and innovative packaging is essential to differentiate your brand on such a crowded shelf! Go-flavoured with our premium packages, Caliz and SuperSlim!

Drinking yoghurt: aseptic packages on-the-go!

Drinking yoghurt is a kind of processed yoghurt, and is often enriched with calcium, phosphorus, proteins and vitamins.

The consumption of drinking yoghurt is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% during the 2020-2025 period, driven by the Asia-Pacific region, whose consumers hold 40% of the entire market share. In China in particular, ambient drinking yoghurt has been very successful and today accounts for 50% of the total yogurt sales!

Drinking yoghurt: aseptic packages on-the-go!

Flavor-wise, a great variety of yoghurts is boosting with new and particular tastes - vegetable-based drinking yoghurt (such as carrots, beetroots and tomatoes), are becoming popular among the consumers. Drinking yoghurt consumption is increasing all over the world and, when it comes to packaging type, single-portion aseptic bricks are the most popular solution, ideal for the on-the-go: bricks are comfortable, ergonomic and safe - perfect for enjoying you favorite drinking yoghurt!

Drinking yoghurt in brick on-the-go!

Feta cheese and other white cheeses in aseptic bricks

Feta cheese comes from the Hellenic tradition. It is a crumbly aged cheese and it is used as a table cheese as well as in salads and pastries.

It is commonly used with spinach or cheese pies or served with olives with aromatic herbs such as oregano.

When it comes to aseptic carton packaging, the product is packed as a liquid form and then solidifies along the process. Today feta cheese is appreciated all over the world and especially in Egypt, Greece, Turkey and in Arab Mediterranean countries.

Read the success case of one of our Egyptian clients!

IPI can pack feta cheese in carton bricks

Cream cream cream!

Cream is a dairy product composed of the higher-butterfat layer skimmed from the top of milk before homogenization.

Dairy cream is widely consumed in households. North America is the largest consumer of dairy cream and Europe is experiencing greater growth in demand. Cream is an essential ingredient in any kitchen to add a rich flavour and embellish dishes, so the ideal packaging should be convenient to store without being refrigerated.

These are the reasons why the vast majority of cooking creams is sold in aseptic multilayer carton bricks. IPI has many customers who pack cream in single-portion or family-sized bricks, for consumers and professionals.

A "winning" example? Read here.

IPI can pack dairy and non-dairy creams in aseptic carton bricks

Frequently Asked Questions: UHT Milk

UHT milk stands for Ultra High Temperature milk (also known as Ultra-heat-treated milk) and we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding it.


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