IPI can pack dairy alternative milks in aseptic carton bricks

Plant-based drinks

Premium packs for a growing and healthy market!

Vegan nutrition is becoming more and more mainstream, despite 90% of consumers being neither vegan nor vegetarian. Particular attention is to be given to the constantly expanding plant-based drinks market. Consumers are more and more informed and aware of what they put on their tables to the table, and for this reason they look for products of excellent quality and with health benefits.

There is a growing interest among consumers on the nutritional values and the benefits dairy drinks and alternative beverages in general. In this constantly expanding market, an efficient aseptic processing and an innovative and eye-catching are essential.

According to Euromonitor, in Europe about 69% of the dairy-alternatives are packed in aseptic bricks, with a growing CAGR of 5.4% from 2017 to 2021.

Aseptic cartons are a sustainable packaging solution ideal to stand out on a crowded shelf, thanks to the wide printable surface on which to play with colors: discover our Caliz and SuperSlim innovative cartons!

Plant-based beverages in aseptic bricks
Soy milk can be filled with our aseptic system

Soy beverage: packing the most popular plant-based alternative in aseptic bricks!

Of the alternatives to cow's milk, soy beverage is by far the most popular. Originally from China and East Asia and particularly appreciated for its taste and high protein content, soy beverage is a low-calorie drink whose consumption is growing rapidly in many countries, including the US.

Soy milk: packing the most popular milk alternative in aseptic bricks!

Multilayer carton packaging is certainly the ideal solution for the aseptic packaging of vegetable milks and especially soy beverage, which is extremely temperature sensitive. UHT cartons also maintain the delicate flavor profile, nutrients and integrity of soy beverage, without the need for preservatives.

Flavour-wise the most popular variants are definitely vanilla and chocolate.

Almond drink: from monasteries to aseptic packages

Almond beverage is one of the most popular dairy alternatives and is similar to cow's milk in terms of both texture and flavor, as well as nutritional properties. Almond beverage is known to be rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids and free of casein.

Almond milk: from monasteries to aseptic packages

Dating back to the Middle Ages and particularly widespread in the monasteries of Mediterranean countries, today almond beverage has achieved great popularity all over the world and its consumption is constantly growing!

We support the growth of the almond beverage business by providing customers with aseptic solutions for long-life packaging at room temperature that best protect its taste and nutritional values!

Almond milk can be filled with our aseptic system
Coconut milk can be filled with our aseptic system

Coconut drink, what a booming trend!

Obtained from the de-watered nuts, coconut beverage is a really healthy choice since it has a high amount of lauric acid and helps in lowering cholesterol levels, improving blood pressure.

Thanks to its multiple benefits, a lot of consumers have a preference for coconut beverage, and this will boost the growth of the global coconut beverage market. This market is recording a booming trend, with a 14.6% increase in CAGR from 2018 to 2023.

Coconut drink, what a booming trend!

Since coconut beverage is an essential part of Asian cuisine, this region accounted for the largest market share in 2016, followed by North America.

The freshness and sweet, genuine taste you expect from fresh coconut beverage is guaranteed when it is aseptically packaged in sustainable solutions such as our multilayer cartons.

Oat drink: the most sustainable plant-based beverage

Consumption of oat beverage boomed in 2020, reaching the most popular soy and almond beverage in key markets such as the US. With a neutral flavor it is less invasive and it now seems to be the preferred vegetable alternative in bars and cafes.

Oat beverage is also the most environmentally sustainable plant-based drink! According to a scientific research conducted by Poore & Nemecek in 2018, in fact, oat-based drinks are those whose production requires less water consumption, less CO2 emissions into the environment and less land use than other types of vegetable or cow's milk.

An eco-friendly product needs eco-friendly packaging, so the right choice is aseptic cartons, the most sustainable packaging around! Our long-life bricks are the ideal packaging from this point of view: mainly made of materials from renewable sources and managed responsibly, low carbon compared to other packaging types and 100% recyclable.

Sustainability is one of the main drivers that is favoring the choice of aseptic carton packaging for this type of plant-based beverages, with an expected growth of over 10% per year until 2026.

Oat milk can be filled with our aseptic system

Rice drink in our aseptic bricks

Rice beverage is processed from rice grain and often enriched with vitamins and minerals. The consumption of this plant-based drink is growing steadily, with an expected CAGR of 14% until 2025. Rice beverage is usually made from brown rice and, compared to cow's milk, it contains more carbohydrates and a significant amount of calcium and protein, without cholesterol.

Widely used both in single-portion cartons ideal for on-the-go consumption and in family ones, rice beverage has a slightly watery consistency making it the perfect ingredient in smoothies and desserts, as well as with cereals for a perfect, low-fat breakfast!

IPI filling machines pack dairy alternative milks such as rice milk

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