IPI can pack special and unusual liquid products in aseptic carton bricks

Special Products

IPI can pack special and unusual liquid products in aseptic carton bricks

Special products

More than usual in our aseptic bricks

Do your processing and aseptic carton packaging solutions allow customers to fill UHT milk and other dairy products? Yes of course.

What about vegetable milks? With our filling lines you can pack them safely.

And when it comes to juice, wine and tomato-based sauces? No problem, we've been doing it for 40 years all over the world.

We go further by providing support in the packaging of other shelf-stable liquid food such as broths and stocks, eggs and various sauces.

Broths can be filled with our aseptic system

Broths and stocks

While stocks are made from bones, broths are made mostly from meat or vegetables and they are used as the base for soups, sauces, and other dishes. Consumer preference towards animal-based stock as a protein source will drive broth market growth, while rising health consciousness and high disposable income will support the product penetration.

Find out how aseptic carton packaging can be the best solution to succeed in the broths and stocks market by reading this success story.

Shelf-stable eggs

Once the shell is removed, eggs are subjected to the pasteurization process and aseptically-packaged in carton bricks.

Ready-to-use egg products are vastly employed as an alternative to fresh eggs in the restaurant and catering sector, and also in bakeries and homes.

Great source of protein, shelf-stable liquid eggs in cartons are increasingly used by sports and gym enthusiasts as well.

Shelf-stable eggs

Shelf-stable liquid eggs retain the same taste, smell and texture as unprocessed eggs and are a great way to quickly make an omelette, protein pancake and more.

Filling eggs in our aseptic bricks allows you to use the product without waste and to mix it according to the needs of consumers. Furthermore, by preserving the microbiological characteristics of the eggs, long-life cartons eliminate the risks associated with the incorrect use of fresh eggs.

Egg can be filled in our aseptic bricks
Smoothie can be filled with our aseptic system

Smoothie: how aseptic carton packaging can make your product stand out on a crowded shelf!

The smoothie is a fruit and vegetable drink, which can be enriched with yoghurt, milk or vegetable milk.

These drinks are having great success mainly for being healthy. Consumption of fruit and vegetables is on the rise and drinks like smoothies can only benefit from this health-and-wellness trend.

Tasty and healthy, smoothies can be drunk in our handy single-serving carton packages ideal for on-the-go consumption, or shared with others in our family-sized packages!

Smoothie: how aseptic carton packaging can make your product stand out on a crowded shelf!

The large printable surface and the increasingly attractive and functional shapes of the aseptic carton packages are the best ways to attract the consumer's gaze to a healthy and dietetic product.

Among the increasingly diverse market in beverage taste, read how aseptic carton packaging can make smoothies stand out on a crowded shelf! Check out the Jinsan case study!

Gazpacho: a tomato-based soup in our aseptic bricks!

Gazpacho is a cold-served soup originating in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. Widely consumed in Spain and Portugal during summertime, Gazpacho is joined in several original variations with avocados, watermelon, seafood and much more.

Our aseptic carton bricks perfectly preserve the nutritional values of the many ingredients of gazpacho (peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and much more), maintaining its flavor and nutritional properties for a long time without the need for refrigeration.

IPI can fill gazpacho in aseptic carton packages

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