IPI fillers can pack tomato passata and tomate frito in aseptic carton bricks

Tomato based-products

Trust on experience!

We are highly experienced in tomato products processes and packaging since our strong market presence dates back to 40 years. Today we cover more than 50% of the tomate frito market in Spain, its own native land.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, low in calories and high in carotenoids, beta-carotene and lycopene tomatoes play an important role in our diets, offering a great variety of products such as tomato purée and tomato sauce.

Shelf-stable tomato purée

The tomato purée was born in Italy hundreds of years ago, when, at the end of summer, families put tomatoes in sealed glass jars to keep them as long as possible for the winter period. Although this habit is still present in Italian homes, today we find in supermarkets many excellent and tasty tomato purées ready to use to quickly prepare many delicious dishes such as pizza, pasta and much more!

The aseptic cartons best protect the tomato purée, preserving its taste, color, texture and nutritional value at room temperature.

IPI fillers can pack tomato passata in aseptic carton bricks
IPI fillers can pack tomate frito (fried tomato) in aseptic carton bricks

Tomate frito in aseptic bricks

Tomate frito is a tomato sauce with a pinch of onion and garlic used in seasoning many dishes such as soups, pasta, burgers, beans, lentils and much more. It is the most common tomato-based ingredient in Spanish cuisine and differs from most tomato sauces because the tomatoes are fried and a small amount of vegetable oil is included.

Aseptic carton bricks are widely used to package shelf-stable tomate frito. For example, one in two cartons on Spanish shelves and kitchens is packaged by our filling lines and packaging material.

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