NSA Evo filling Machine

NSA EVO - Aseptic cartons filling machine for beverages and liquid food products

NSA EVO Aseptic Filling Machine

Based on expertise, to give you value everyday

IPI knows how to connect smart technology with deep market knowledge and anticipate its evolution, while staying true to its valuable history.

From here was born NSA EVO, the latest version of IPI’s most sold roll-fed aseptic cartons filling machine, built upon Italian passionate know-how and experience over many years of continuous improvement.

Targeted at start-ups, small and medium enterprises, and leading companies too, NSA EVO encapsulates all the distinctive features of a machine crafted by IPI from 40 years of ongoing research and development and hundreds of installations in all five continents.

This isn’t just an advertising slogan. Indeed NSA EVO:

  • is simple to operate;
  • has an ultra-compact size;
  • offers a competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO);
  • is very user-friendly, even in terms of maintenance.

 All of this, while offering a broad range of applications, both in terms of size and shape - even innovative ones! - and products.


The filler is designed to easily start and run the production by all the operators, even in difficult environments.

One operator can manage up to two fillers in the same production shift.

A useful tool to further simplify the management of the machine is the intuitive HMIs touch screen with main data for advanced preparation and production process control, that helps operators to reduce product waste and boost production line efficiency to optimise earnings.


NSA EVO is the world’s most compact aseptic filler, making it possible to install the machine in production plants with limited space available, even with low ceilings, for an efficient use of space.

Featuring a minimal footprint too, NSA EVO can easily be placed alongside other machinery, meaning no structural changes have to be made to the facility.

The unique roll-fed system together with the ergonomic design makes the operator’s access easy and fast to all filler’s areas.

NSA EVO Aseptic Filling Machine


The machine has a very competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), driven by low starting investment, minimal maintenance activities and utilities consumption.

Always operating in compliance with the highest international standards, the NSA EVO filler perfectly meets the production needs of startups, small and medium companies as well as those of larger players, while preserving cost benefits.


Probably the most important goal of the continuous improvement of NSA is to give an extremely user friendly machine for easy problem solving and on-site maintenance.

A good operator’s training, together with the included basic or premium spare parts kit and the remote assistance additional feature, enable customer to easily perform the basic and programmed maintenance.

Reliable assistance


The reliability of NSA is the result of a continuous EVO-lution of the IPI aseptic technology based on our almost 40 years experience and constantly changing of market needs and food safety legislation.

The use of mechanical transmission, in conjunction with the operational simplicity and reduced electronic aspects, give the filler an outstanding level of performances even in challenging environments.


NSA EVO is the smartest way to aseptically fill liquid foods, ranging from dairy and alternatives such as white and flavoured milk, drinking yoghurt, cream, soy milk and drinks, to juice and nectars, wine and tomato sauce.

All of this, with a low investment and high safety standards, regardless of the type of filled product.

NSA EVO Aseptic Filling Machine


The sealing free top of the pack, the creasing directly on filler and additional engineering points give an excellent flexibility to NSA evo.

New sizes and special distinctive pack projects can be customized with client’s staff in order to focus on specific brand strategy.

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