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Modern lifestyle

Our lifestyle has changed in recent years. Today’s modern, busy lifestyles make us urban nomads, flexible and open to change adapting our daily agenda to ever-new challenges.

The new consumer is multi-tasking 24/7 connected.

As a consequence, more and more meals and beverages are consumed on-the-go, almost half of global consumers drink on-the-go at least once a week.

Healthy lifestyle

The interest and attraction towards functional, healthy beverages has grown, and is expected to continue, among all consumer demographics, from millennials – looking for value-added novelties - to the elderly.

It is being driven by consumers’ increasing awareness of the perceived benefits that functional beverages can bring on health over carbonated soft drinks.

Hence the boom in beverages, such as plant-based beverages, those with reduced or no added sugars, no artificial sweeteners, dairy alternatives, and those dedicated to the sports nutrition world.

Multiple drinking occasions

Modern lifestyle has created many different drinking occasions during the day.

They have been further fragmented as consumption is now fit in according to work and free time, rather than set times of the day.

This is a huge business opportunity to seize for producers targeting specific drinking moments throughout the day and offering consumers the right beverage in the right on-the-go package.

New trends drive innovation

On-the-go lifestyle and health drink trends are having a strong influence on people's approach to beverage consumption. Today more and more consumers are looking for functional beverages in convenient-to-use packages which reflect their values.

All this calls for something new.

To-go package: what consumers are looking for

Studies identify these aspects as the key drivers of packaging innovation: convenience, brand differentiation, on-the-go lifestyles, smaller pack size.

So, anything that makes life easier for the consumer is appreciated: improved pack functionality is crucial to satisfying the modern on-the-go consumer.

The ideal on-the-go packaging is simple but catching, easy to use and comfortable to hold, has resealable caps, while fitting consumers' personality and handbags. The pack must be lightweight and sturdy enough to protect the drink when thrown into a backpack during the day. Furthermore, it has never been more important that the package communicates the benefits of the beverage inside through an original, clean and appealing design.

To-go package: what consumers are looking for
Caliz 250 ml with twist cap for on-the-go lifestyle

Our innovative on-the-go solutions

IPI is able to cater for the smaller and more functional portion size trend having recently launched the IPI 250 Caliz with Twist cap!

How does the “IPI Caliz 250 portion pack” perfectly fit the new market demands?

Firstly, you can open and close it as many times as you need, thanks to the without-sealing upper side of the package which makes it possible to apply the one-step opening Twist Cap!

Secondly, its super-ergonomic shape is really easy to hold.

Thirdly, it is a new carton package, never seen before on the shelf, in the gym or at the park.

Fourthly, its eye-catching and sinuous design goes perfectly with the idea of purity, naturalness and health that consumers want to convey when among people and on social media!

Fifthly, Caliz is a reliable and robust multilayer carton that keeps beverages safe ensuring long-time preservation, without having to be refrigerated.

Those are just our latest answers to help producers exploit the huge potential of the on-the-go market!

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