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A deep dive into the aseptic liquid machine market and NSA EVO

Every year, a large number of liquid food products are introduced in the market. To preserve their properties throughout the supply chain without the need for refrigeration, it is necessary that they are aseptically filled and packaged in an effective way. As a matter of fact, in several end-use industries liquid filling is a crucial function, as it protects and maintains the quality of the liquid product. Liquid filling machines are broadly used in the most diverse fields, such as food and beverage, where they are critical to prevent external contamination. 

In this context, food & beverage is the most important sector and also the most promising growth-wise. The beverage market is in fact expected to reach $1.9 trillion globally by 2021, registering solid growth across the whole spectrum. As a consequence, the global beverage filling machine market is going through a steady expansion. One segment is emerging: aseptic carton fillers. So much so that the CAGR of the global aseptic carton filling machine market is above average (4.4% between 2019 and 2025).

In the landscape of aseptic carton fillers for beverage and liquid food products, NSA EVO deserves a particular mention. Remarkably easy to operate and maintain, IPI’s platform is the smallest aseptic roll-fed filler worldwide. 

The NSA EVO carton packaging machine: why it is remarkable

Compared to other aseptic carton filling machines, NSA EVO is especially remarkable. For starters, bricks made with NSA EVO feature solderless tops, which allows the cap to be applied even to single-portion ones. What’s more, NSA EVO

●    is simple to operate
●    has an ultra compact size
●    offers a competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
●    is very user-friendly in terms of maintenance

Let’s analyse these features one by one.

Simple to operate

Three aspects of NSA EVO make it very simple to operate: start & run, management, and user interface. As regards the first point, the filler is designed so that any operator with limited technical knowledge can start it and run it. Speaking of management, it takes so little effort to manage that a single operator can handle two of them at once during the same production shift. Finally, the machine provides an intuitive HMI touchscreen covering all the main data in one place.

Ultra compact size

NSA EVO is the smallest aseptic roll-fed filler worldwide. Because of this, it can be installed in the tiniest production plants, including those with low ceilings. In addition, its ergonomic design and unique roll-fed system ensure quick and easy access to all filler’s areas.

Competitive TCO

NSA EVO’s TCO is very low. For starters, it requires a minimal initial investment. Maintenance costs and utility consumption are also small. Indeed, utility bills are low, which makes owning a filler very advantageous economically speaking. Plus, maintenance is managed by the machine supplier. 

All that said, reliability is excellent, and performance is top of the range. And since the aseptic filling machine doesn’t require frequent and immediate intervention to function properly, TCO is lowered even more. Most importantly, breakdowns and malfunctioning can be avoided at the root if standard and preventive maintenance is carried out regularly by the equipment supplier. 

For all these reasons, NSA EVO is an ideal choice for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises

Friendly maintenance

What NSA EVO truly stands out for, though, is how user-friendly it is to use it as well as to maintain it. The machine has really been designed to simplify maintenance in all aspects, coming with basic or premium spare parts kit and remote assistance. As a matter of fact, it requires very little training.

Looking for more info about NSA EVO? Please visit the product page or contact our experts. We will be happy to answer each and any of your questions.

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