Alce Nero goes even greener: organic nectars are now available in Slim 200-ml cartons from the reVIVO range

Alce Nero, an Italian company operating in the organic farm industry and specialised in the production of plant-based beverages and nectars, has been one of IPI customers since 2010, when the partnership first started. Since then, IPI has been providing Alce Nero with efficient and reliable aseptic filling machines as well as sustainable aseptic carton packaging solutions, therefore building an even stronger bond over the years.

In 2021, Alce Nero did choose, not by chance, the reVIVO version of IPI Caliz 500-ml carton with Twist cap for the filling of organic plant-based beverages. However, after a few months, the customer has decided to go even further: in fact, Alce Nero organic nectars, which were previously packed with typical aseptic cartons, are now finally available in Slim 200-ml cartons from the reVIVO range, with paper straws instead of plastic ones.


Why reVIVO: same performance, same efficiency, more sustainable packaging

The standard multilayer aseptic cartons that we usually see in stores are the best solution for the enviromentally sustainable packaging of liquid foodstuff for several reasons, including the fact that they allow for a better and more durable product, with no need of refrigeration or preservatives, which reduces the overall carbon footprint associated with the whole supply chain.

However, with the brand new reVIVO range, the packaging options offered by IPI have become even more sustainable: reVIVO bricks are, just like other carton packs, Recyclable, Renewable and Responsible. Nevertheless, the presence of plant-based biopolymers reduces their enviromental impact and makes them renewable up to 90%!

But there is more. For instance, according to certified LCA studies carried out on aseptic packaging solutions from the reVIVO range - that comes in different carton shapes, including the 500-ml Caliz and the 200-ml Slim packs, the use of plant-based biopolymers makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions up to more than 10% compared to the same non-reVIVO aspetic carton bricks, which do contain plastic polymers of fossil origin.

This is a huge milestone for both Alce Nero and IPI, who are proving once again to share a strong commitment to sustainability.

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