Aseptic carton packaging for broth and sauces: the success case of Salsus

Aseptic carton packaging for broth and sauces: the success case of Salsus


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This article analyses the success story of IPI and Salsus AS, an innovative Norwegian company in the food industry. 

The company's goal was quite ambitious: placement among the world's leading producers of bone broths and sauces for professional chefs, restaurants and individuals who love to cook with the help of the best Norwegian chefs in defining recipes. 

Salsus products are characterised by attentive respect for the environment and the selection of fresh Norwegian ingredients.

IPI has been able to support Salsus in the supply of complete aseptic carton packaging lines, fully satisfying the customer's needs for its products range. 
The successful partnership with Salsus has further proved IPI’s skill to smoothly provide customised solutions for long shelf life packaging of the finest fresh ingredients liquid foods.

Let’s discover the complete story, starting from the global and Norwegian market demands, to the delivered filling lines that please the request of high-quality products in safe and sustainable packaging.

Broth and bone broth market characteristics and consumers’ preferences: the Salsus competitive landscape

According to Global Market Insights, Global Broth Market is projected to exceed USD 2.8 billion[1] and will witness over 4% CAGR up to 2024[2].

Consumer preference towards animal-based stock as a protein source will drive broth market growth, while rising health consciousness and high disposable income will support product penetration.

Bone broth is a particular type of a very ancient recipe, born when our ancestors started cooking. Today it is widespread in almost all the world, appreciated above all by people who place great value on personal fitness. The spread of information on the nutritional properties of the bone broth, such as the nutritional supply of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, an improvement of digestion and the strengthening of bones, are extending a tradition throughout the world.

Bone broths are produced by simmering the bones of animals in water for a long period, can include meat and fish and be enriched with other ingredients such as vegetables, herbs and spices, and those ingredients lead to the presence of numerous nutrients. The consumption of bone broth can promote weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Looking to the Salsus local market, Norwegians spend less time in the kitchen than the inhabitants of other European countries: less than 40% of them spend more than half an hour making dinner (the main meal of the day) during the week, a percentage that increases around 50-60% on weekends.[3]

Notwithstanding these trends, and thanks in part to the success of various television programs, interest in cooking has grown, of great or some interest to about 60% of the population.

Moreover, in recent times the rise in obesity and diabetes favoured the development of this trend, driving consumers to seek out meals free of unhealthy ingredients.

Several producers are trying to meet to these demands with products of high-quality, healthy and also able to speed up the cooking process. Salsus falls into this category. 
The company has built its brand within a local market with precise attributes, starting from the Norwegian eating habits, which provide for wide use of domestic ingredients: not only fish (sea, lake and river), but also a wide range of meat and vegetables.

The product portfolio of Salsus includes a wide range of 100% natural ready-made sauces based on fonds and demi-glaces (such as red wine sauce), as well as high viscose sauces, which are produced with butter (such as Hollandaise and Béarnaise).
Salsus also produces bone stocks, including additive-free bone broths and sauces made from high-quality animal-based ingredients formulated in collaboration with Norway's top chefs.

This is the recipe with which Salsus is having success in Norway and which is exporting not only to Europe, but also to the international markets where it is expanding.

Aseptic carton packaging: a sustainable solution for Salsus product range

Salsus has seen excellent development opportunities for high-quality products in the ready-made product's market, intended for use in professional and domestic kitchens. 
The opportunity recognised by the founders of Salsus has prompted them to create this company, a startup, to which IPI has provided technical support and comprehensive solutions for the aseptic bricks packaging.

Salsus products ensure a high environmentally friendliness starting from the first selection of short delivery Norwegian seasonal vegetables such as carrot, onion, parsnip, fennel, leek and herbs, up to their elaboration stages.

The cooking process includes roasting bones and vegetables together, then slowly simmering them in water along with herbs and spices. At the end, there is one final heat treatment before the final product is aseptically filled in its carton packaging.

Compared to other types of packaging, such as those made of PET the aseptic carton solution, proposed by IPI, limits CO2 emissions. It is renewable, environmentally responsible and fully recyclable, perfect for Salsus’ corporate philosophy. Moreover, it saves the organoleptic properties of the product for a long time, without requiring the cold chain system

Thanks to these characteristics, able to satisfy both the Consumer and Horeca markets, Salsus has chosen aseptic carton brick packaging to offer its premium products.

The right supplier for broth and sauce filling and packaging machines

Salsus identified aseptic carton as the perfect packaging type for the 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml product lines and therefore installed three packaging lines, each for a specific packaging format. The selected cartons’ shapes and sizes are important to meet the different demands both in terms of products, from basic demi-glaces to the slow-cooked products, and distribution channels.

As a result, Salsus was looking for a reliable global supplier able to offer specific production line features, a suitable technological level, a certain level of customisation, and sustainable packaging.
Ultimately, Salsus chose IPI for a number of factors.

IPI: the advantages of a full system supplier

Salsus began the process by presenting a set of specific requirements, which IPI responded to quickly, proving to be highly reliable.

The customer's first requirement was the search for a trustworthy solution, capable of adapting to some technical precautions. In IPI service, Salsus found a high degree of availability and flexibility in managing the project at 360 degrees, with the perfect technology for a startup.

IPI quickly identified the technological solution best suited to the context: NSA EVO.
This filling machine features a number of particularly relevant attributes, while requiring right initial investment by client’s side. Thanks to its configuration, it is extremely simple to use (an important quality ensuring production can be launched easily, even in a complex setting), it is energy efficient (for reduced energy consumption), and maintenance costs are quite low. These features can be explored in detail here.

IPI has also proven to be particularly reliable in the customisations requested by the client, meeting its needs in relation to the specific properties of the liquid food they have planned to produce and pack.
These solutions have been reactively developed by IPI, demonstrating the flexibility and availability required by a startup. Through this approach, technical problems in production were avoided from the beginning.

More specifically, Salsus requested three aseptic filling lines with a reduced footprint that would still allow for independent production.

In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, NSA EVO by IPI is an intelligent solution to aseptically fill packaging with liquid food products, especially if three packaging lines must be installed in confined spaces as in this case. In fact, it is the most compact roll-fed aseptic filling machine in the world.

As an additional focal point, Salsus required attractive packaging in different sizes, suitable for its range of high-quality products. The packaging was designed to meet use and aesthetics needs, for both the Horeca industry and Retail.

IPI responded with the perfect solution: Standard, Slim and Square carton bricks, the world’s best-selling carton packaging for liquid food products with a long shelf life. 
The 500 ml Slim is also equipped with a convenient Twist cap to facilitate the consumer experience. A solution designed for consumers in the retail channel, who may need to use the product on more than one occasion. In this way a correct conservation of sauces, concentrates, demi-glaces and bone stocks and broth are guaranteed.

IPI has supported the customer with its experience in the creation of packaging artworks, to communicate the brand positioning of Salsus and simultaneously give the correct appeal on the shelves, with different options for Horeca and Retail customers.

All these elements met Salsus requirements.

Quick delivery, quick installation, quick start

An excellent match between the client's requirements and the solution offered by IPI, in addition to the latter's efficient organisation, made it possible to deliver the equipment in a very short period of time: it took only a few months to install 3 lines and to start the commercial production.

Salsus aseptic carton packed products

With innovative products that are in-line with consumer tastes and habits, Salsus’ successful market positioning was made possible also thanks to the contribution of IPI, through reliable, customised solutions for liquid food products in aseptic carton packages.

Aseptic carton packaging for broth and sauces: the success case of Salsus

As result for the whole project collaboration, the Salsus management team expressed their satisfaction:

"We have always put the quality of ingredients first, knowing that they are the starting point for a high-quality product. Our mission is to produce sauces that are available to everyone - from professionals to home chefs.

We want to guarantee our consumers natural tastes and textures, associated with sustainable production. IPI aseptic carton packaging is sustainable and maintains all the properties of the product for a long time, ensuring optimal taste and quality.

Overall, the filling and packaging machines project was a success, for this reason we thank the professionalism with which IPI has been able to support us at every stage of the process."

Would you like to know more on the IPI solutions that best meet your needs in aseptic carton packaging?


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