Aseptic cartons for packaging feta and other white cheeses: a success story in Egypt

Aseptic cartons for packaging feta and other white cheeses: a success story in Egypt

IPI is a leading supplier of systems and materials for the aseptic packaging of UHT milk, beverages and other liquid foods, as well as white cheese through highly reliable customized solutions that are widespread especially in North Africa and the Middle East. This is why Al Fayoum For Food Industries, an Egyptian dairy company, started a fruitful partnership with IPI for the packaging of Feta cheese in 125 and 250 brick cartons. Today, the customer is producing different types of typical Egyptian cheese in IPI carton packaging.

Al Fayoum’s white cheeses in aseptic bricks: from Egypt to the Arabic Peninsula

Al Fayoum For Food Industries started its business in 1998 by producing about 5 tons a day of various types of cheeses and within a few years it was able to multiply its production volumes by eight.

The Egyptian company provides consumers with a wide range of cheeses, such as White cheese, Feta cheese, Domiati, Istanbuli, Baramelli, Quraish, Low-Fat, Low-Salt and many other flavors, always putting quality and safety first. Indeed, the Al Fayoum company holds the food safety certificate which is issued only by satisfying very stringent safety conditions that guarantee consumers the highest level of food safety and professionalism with its products. Al Wadi-branded products are delivered in many parts of the Arabic Peninsula such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait, and other countries as well, of course in additional to be distributed all over Egypt.

IPI solutions for packaging Feta and other white cheeses

Al Fayoum For Food Industries has recently moved to a new plant whose buildings are equipped with the latest international equipment including IPI lines. In 2016, the Egyptian company chose IPI for filling and packing Feta cheese in aseptic carton bricks (125 Slim and 250 Standard). When it comes to aseptic carton packaging of white cheese, the product is packed in a liquid state and then solidifies along the process, thanks to solutions specifically designed by IPI for this purpose.

In Egypt white cheese is often offered in packages laid out with the long side resting on the shelf. This showing-display has been chosen also for the 250 packs of Al Fayoum Feta, while the 125 packs kept the vertical position to take advantage of the attractive shape of the packages and the eye-catching designs.

Aseptic cartons for packaging feta and other white cheeses: a success story in Egypt

The customer also intends to further expand its already extensive product portfolio with a new aseptic line to pack feta in 500-size bricks, and by producing and packing liquid cream in aseptic cartons, thus becoming the first company in Egypt to pack cream in IPI aseptic cartons.

Customer satisfaction: what Al Fayoum says about IPI

Today Al Fayoum For Food Industries is producing all these types of typical Egyptian cheese in IPI carton packaging, which allow to keep the great traditional taste in safe, long-lasting and nice-looking carton bricks.

"We are pleased to have embarked on this fruitful collaboration with IPI, a world’s leading supplier of aseptic carton packaging and filling machines for food and beverages. IPI team has shown to have a clear understanding of our requirements to provide a flexible solution that fully addressed our production needs. Our products are highly appreciated by consumers, and this makes us proud and willing to expand our cooperation with IPI in cheese and other fields soon."

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Ramadan Al Sayed - Chairman of Al Fayoum For Food Industries.

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