Cream alternatives in aseptic carton packaging: the success case of Vermuyten – Professional Dairy Products S.L.

In 2009 Vermuyten, a Spanish dairy alternatives manufacturer, chose IPI, leading supplier of aseptic packaging solutions, for the packaging of liquid cream alternatives in the 1000-ml Standard aseptic brick for the HoReCa industry. It has been over 10 years of great business results for Vermuyten. Then came COVID-19 with new challenges to face. This article will explain how a threat has been turned into an opportunity for the customer through new products, new packaging as well as new distribution channels.  

Vermuyten, a high-quality products company in F&B industry

Vermuyten has been delivering value-added dairy alternatives to the bakery and foodservice industry from 1995. Its product portfolio ranges from top quality cream alternatives, coffee whiteners, ice cream mixes and ready whipped products.

By doing so, Vermuyten has achieved important results such as winning the Superior Taste Award with its Topping Royale Duo Gold cream packed in IPI aseptic bricks. We are talking about very healthy and tasty products exported all over the world.

The relationship between Vermuyten and IPI dates back to 2009, when the Spanish company was looking for the most suitable one-stop packaging solutions for its creams. IPI, Italian supplier of filling and packaging lines, aseptic carton packaging material, opening systems and technical assistance, has been serving its customers for over 40 years and holds a significant share in the Spanish liquid food market packaged in aseptic bricks. Vermuyten decided to install an IPI packaging line and chose the 1000-ml package in the Standard format for the HoReCa channel. The high-quality creams were very successful, aided by the right packaging for the HoReCa target. 

Then 2020 hit.

How COVID-19 changed customers' needs

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the rules of the game. The lockdowns adopted to face the virus have challenged the HoReCa industry and, as a result, the entire supply chain was affected. Vermuyten's farsighted idea was to add to the existing business line (cream in 1-liter carton for the HoReCa industry) a second one destinated to retailers and large-scale distribution. To do so, the Spanish customer needed a smaller-sized carton package in premium format to differentiate its products on the crowded supermarket shelves.

The attention of consumers towards products packaged with enviromentally sustainable solutions is growing so much that they are willing to pay more for such products. Environmental sustainability was one of the reasons why Vermuyten once again chose to pack its vegetable cream in aseptic carton.

Caliz, Twist cap and premium products: a match made in heaven

Caliz 250-ml with Twist cap one-step opening is the perfect match for premium products like Vermuyten's. A brick that is new not just for the company's business, but for the entire Spanish food and beverage market. On top of that, aseptic carton bricks do help preserve the product's high quality, as well as its flavor and all its organoleptic properties.

This packaging solution was the natural choice: sustainable, stylish and innovative, it is able to immediately capture the consumer's gaze, differentiating itself on the shelf in comparison to other regular-shaped bricks. The Caliz carton package, in fact, has an absolutely eye-catching design: thanks to the fully printable surface, customers can better communicate their message, while playing with curves, lines and colors to make the package extremely stylish and appealing. Symmetrical rounded corners offer outstanding ergonomics with a carton body that is comfortable to hold. 

The Twist cap that enriches the package is simple to open and perfect for reclosing the carton, and it makes it really easy to pour the filling. It is a best-in-class screwcap, good from 200-ml packages onwards, which allows consumers to preserve the product longer, once the package is opened.


Finally, aseptic carton packaging is recognized from customers as a very sustainable solution. IPI is at the very forefront in sustainable packaging: its aseptic bricks are Renewable, Responsible and Recyclable, and they are made of about 70% paperboard, which can also be FSC-certified; all of this, makes it possible for IPI to offer its customers increasingly sustainable solutions, such as those in the new reVIVO range

In addition to aseptic line SA 65 for the packaging of vegetable cream in 1000-ml Standard brick, in 2020 IPI installed a second aseptic packaging line at Vermuyten plant, consisting of the NSA EVO aseptic filler, the MT121 cap applicator and end-of-line to pack in 250-ml Caliz packages with Twist cap.

Results and opportunities driven by premium IPI aseptic packages

Thanks to the partnership with IPI, Vermuyten has been able to unlock its full potential and face the challenges of the market. The partnership with IPI allowed to find the most suitable solution for retail channel. Today the company sells its premium products both to the HoReCa sector with a standard brick of 1000 ml, and to the retail one thanks to the Caliz 250-ml, with and without Twist cap. The Spanish company has thus managed to double its offer. In addition, Caliz 250-ml is paving the way for many co-packing opportunities with domestic and foreign partners, and the company expects more than double its production volumes in the near future. 

In February, during the 2022 edition of Gulfood (Stand: D2-26 - Hall: Dairy), the world's largest annual food and beverage exibition - taking place this year in Dubai -, Vermuyten will be exhibiting, as an industry-first, its premium products in the brand new, state-of-the-art Caliz brick shape

"IPI packaging solutions helped us to turn COVID-19 into an opportunity"

"The COVID-19 outbreak has been a rough and stressful situation for all of us, and the HoReCa industry has been particularly affected by both the pandemic and the consequent restrictive measures", said Tony Vermuyten, CEO of the Spanish company. 

"By providing us with top quality packaging and excellent support services, IPI helped us to proactively cope with the COVID-19 economic crisis and turn it into a breakthrough opportunity, by working our way in the retail distribution industry".

"The distintive and iconic stylish design of 250-ml Caliz brick with rounded corners has actually been the perfect way to achieve major visual appeal and differentiate our premium products on the over-crowded supermarket shelves".

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