DCS: the new smart factory solution enabling you to increase performance and reduce cost of the filling line

DCS: the new smart factory solution enabling you to increase performance and reduce cost of the filling line

The aseptic carton packaging market is becoming more competitive.

Production managers and line operators need to face several operational challenges, such as taking fast decisions in order to increase performance while reducing production costs. Industry 4.0 solutions for data analysis, monitoring and production control, make it possible. By supporting manufacturers, DCS allows to deeply analyze machine functioning and technical issues to maximize the filling line performance. 

Let’s discover DCS: how the IPI Data Collection System works 

IPI, as a company at the forefront in the supply of machines and systems for aseptic carton packaging, has created the DCS (Data Collection System), a smart factory solution that offers a new way of monitoring and analyzing the efficiency and productivity of your aseptic cartons filling line.

DCS, thanks to the connections among the machinery making up the packaging line (aseptic filler and downstream), collects data, which can be seen in a Historical or Real-time dynamic visualization to ensure quick corrective actions, and provides reports, graphs and dashboard through a user-friendly interface.

By using DCS, customers can easily gain the key information for the continuous improvement at any time, such as MME (Mechanical Machine Efficiency), PTU (Production Time Utilization), MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), MTTR (Mean Time To Restore), waste, production batches and much more.

It is also possible to track and trace the multilayer packaging roll used in the production, through the bar code reader installed in the filling line.

In addition, thanks to the remote connection of the DCS with the IPI Technical assistance department, customer can have a prompt remote support or plan interventions from IPI, to restore standard operations and bring efficiency back to the highest levels.

Data can also be easily exported, and managed with common external analytical tools.

To have a full production monitoring, the UI (User Interface) can be accessed from any PC, mobile (tablet or smartphone) and monitor in the user’s network.

It has never been easier to analyze production data, in order to take fast decision, boost machines performance and reduce costs and production downtime.

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