Friends of Trees

Friends of Trees

IPI, leading supplier in the world of systems and materials for the aseptic packaging of beverages and food liquids in multilayer carton, has always been committed to offering sustainable products, with the aim of constantly reducing its environmental impact.

Sustainability for IPI

For IPI, sustainability means a long-term commitment to offer products that are increasingly sustainable, thus providing Renewable, Responsible and totally Recyclable aseptic carton packaging, but there is more: it is essential to act concretely in terms of environmental, social and economic responsibility.

The IPI corporate forest

This is why we decided to invest in tree planting in Peté, the northernmost region of Guatemala, not too far from the Mayan Biosphere Reserve and the famous Mayan archaeological site of Tikal, an area heavily deforested for the monoculture of the palm tree oil where a fruit tree can support the economy and nutrition of families.

Together with zeroCO2 we have decided to promote a "high social impact reforestation": the fruit trees planted, in fact, will be donated to peasant families in less fortunate rural communities, becoming part of their livelihood.

The reduction of CO2 emissions

The CO2 emissions of IPI's aseptic carton brick are already limited when compared to other types of packaging. Thanks to the photosynthesis process of the hundreds of trees planted over the years, IPI will offset the CO2 emissions of its  vehicle fleet!

We attach great importance to the environment and we have always done so..

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