Improved functionality done right: introducing the new one-step opening Twist 2+ cap

Twist 2+ is the new screw cap by IPI offering enhanced package functionality and a superior pour-from experience to consumers. Thanks to the novel knurling design and the improved tamper-evident ring and cutters, Twist 2+ enables seamless one-step opening and increased grip. Designed for household use, this one-step resealable closure is perfect for portion packaging too starting from 200-ml cartons, making it ideal for on-the-go consumption as well.

Twist 2+ is also available with bio-based polymers from renewable sources. According to the World Economic Forum, the trend towards sustainable products is as strong as ever. As of today, 66% of consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase, while 75% of millennials actually favor sustainable products[1]. This, combined with the increased performance, makes Twist 2+ a compelling solution for every player in the aseptic carton packaging industry looking for a market-ready sustainable opening solution.


[1] Source:IFIC
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