IPI launches the FLEXPEED Aseptic FX120 filling machine

IPI launches the FLEXPEED Aseptic FX120 filling machine. The fastest and most flexible machine worldwide is made in Italy.

IPI launches the FLEXPEED Aseptic FX120 filling machine

IPI introduces FLEXPEED Aseptic - FX120, a revolutionary platform for the aseptic carton packaging of liquid food products. Unveiled in Chicago during the latest edition of Pack Expo, the new Italian filling machine is the world fastest flexible roll-fed system for the aseptic packaging of products such as milk, wine, fruit juices, tomato sauce and other liquid foods.

When smart technology meets market knowledge
FLEXPEED is the result of the know-how IPI has gained in thirty-five years of activity in the aseptic packaging industry and of the technological expertise. FLEXPEED is a new technological platform that can form, fill and seal up to 10,500 aseptic carton packages per hour for 125 to 375 ml sizes, and 8,500 per hour for the 500 to 1000 ml ones. FLEXPEED also guarantees higher levels of production performance thanks to its reliability and flexibility, allowing to switch from the production of a package type to a completely different one for shape and volume, all on the same machine.

With the FLEXPEED platform, IPI is meeting the current needs of the market, as well as anticipating its evolution: thanks to a PackML compliant system, IPI welcomes the new Industry 4.0, where industrial production is automated and interconnected. Simplified control and operations of the machine make the filler more user friendly.

Listening to the market leads to big success
IPI's Marketing Director declares: "The new FX120 has generated a strong interest during the recent Pack Expo International exhibition in Chicago, especially because it is the result of studying the beverage industry needs and our desire of sustaining our customers' differentiation and brand strategies, bringing together high productivity, efficiency and a reduction in operating costs with an endless flexibility in formats and sizes. The growing competitiveness in an increasingly global market paired with changeable consumer trends, require technologies able to effectively support the business model sustainability in the long term."

Flexibility, reliability and automation
The FX120 filling machine allows the customer to produce the widest range of bricks - in a variety of volumes and shapes - from reels of multilayer material; important technical solutions enable the machine to be ready for even the production of future distinctive shapes.
The extreme flexibility of the FLEXPEED platform wants to meet the beverage industry marketing directors' demands for a packaging system that allows for a quick renewal of the brand and product strategies, without compromising production efficiencies.
The new IPI filler is also extremely reliable, thanks to its fully mechanical transmission system, which significantly increases the whole line efficiency. The packaging material sterilization system is also characterized by a high level of reliability, control and safety. The filling machine is equipped with a system for the automatic change of the packaging materials.

Ergonomic design and ease of use
The ergonomic design is one of the main features of the FLEXPEED project and guarantees high accessibility as well as ease of use and servicing by operators, both during production and scheduled maintenance. The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is designed to be intuitive, ensuring simple operations and precise control over the production.
The FLEXPEED platform boasts a highly modular design that allows the machine to be placed in diverse production environments thanks to its adjustable production speed and its capacity for the integration of additional modules such as straw or cap applicators.
Being able to choose is what matters
IPI's Chief Executive Officer says that "For over thirty-five years, we have been active in supporting the development of the aseptic liquid food segment, achieving a solid recognition and reputation. With our passion and know-how, we are embarking on a new path, based on a system that is the pinnacle of today's technologies."

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