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More than just milk and juice carton packaging: the inspiring story of Joud

Joud Group,founded in 1933 and now active in many different business sectors in the Middle East, has decided to start working with IPI for the packaging of its juices and flavoured milk in 125-ml and 1000-ml carton bricks.

IPI is a well-versed leading supplier of aseptic systems for the filling of non-carbonated, liquid foods. With more than 40 years of activity, the Italian company is an old-timer player in the F&B industry.

This article is about the inspiring story of a successful company that, supported by the right packaging solutions supplier, managed to create new, encouraging opportunities for the territory.

Juice, milk and still drinks for local economic development

Among its many different business activities, Joud is also a successful beverage manufacturer based in Latakia.

The company serves the liquid F&B sector with a rich product portfolio, consisting of vanilla and biscuit-flavored milk as well as many different types of beverages and soft drinks, which allow for an effective yet perfectly manageable horizontal differentiation. Moreover, Joud is an exclusive Pepsi-Cola licensee in the country.

With many different flavors, from apple, mango and orange to pineapple and tropical fruits, Joud also offers premium-taste nectars.

When it comes to sourcing ingredients, the company tries to retrieve as many of them as possible from local producers to further support sustainable agriculture development in the area from an economic and social point of view.

Basically, the main goal is to provide rural communities with shared knowledge and satisfactory returns; such is the case, for example, of orange nectars, coming from oranges directly picked from local farmers, and that then go through a processing stage, ending with the final, delicious, tasty product.

More than just milk and juice carton packaging: the inspiring story of Joud

Starting a new chapter with aseptic carton bricks

Before choosing IPI, Joud had already been marketing its products in different types of packaging, including 1000-ml carton bricks from another packaging manufacturer in the industry. However, needing a fresh start, the company soon decided to change supplier and rely on IPI’s expertise to replace the previous 1000-ml carton format with renewed, efficient, and reliable packaging solutions for its products and further expand the packaging range with bricks of different sizes and shapes.

IPI is a qualified provider of full aseptic filling systems and roll-fed aseptic packaging material, which adapted to all Joud’s needs.

Aseptic carton bricks, in fact, were the perfect answer to what the customer was looking for, since they can be used to efficiently pack a wide range of different products as Joud’s ones, significantly extending their shelf life.

But there is more: thanks to the aseptic filling and sealing process, carton bricks keep food fresh and safe from harmful bacteria, nutritious, flavorsome and healthy for a long time, while entirely cutting the need for preservatives and refrigeration. All of this makes them the go-to packaging option, both for those who prefer an environmentally sustainable solution and for those who live in countries that lack pre-cooling and cold storage facilities.

NSA EVO aseptic filling machine: reliable and cost-effective

More specifically, Joud was looking for an easy-to-operate yet efficient aseptic filling machine and ended up choosing two NSA EVO fillers for 125-ml Slim cartons with straw and 1000-ml Square bricks with one-step opening Twist cap, resulting, size and shape wise, in a much wider range of bricks in use than before.

Highly reliable and featuring a compact footprint, NSA EVO and the whole filling line are a space-saving solution that can fit even in smaller production plants.

Moreover, with an overall low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), NSA EVO is a low-investment solution, also thanks to minimal maintenance costs and utility consumption, which makes it the perfect match for the needs of small F&B manufacturers such as SMEs and start-ups.

Besides, the decision to increase its packaging variety and offer family-size as well as smaller, downsized, single-serve carton bricks, has been a true game-changer. Indeed, working with IPI opened-up new, exciting flavour opportunities for Joud, which now provides distinctive, one-of-a-kind nectar and milk flavours - thus meeting the needs and wishes of an everchanging and diverse market -.

All in all, the whole project, which saw Joud and IPI working closely together to find the perfect solution for the client’s packaging needs, is the clear example of fair, positive, and smart entrepreneurship.

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