More than usual in a carton brick with Bodegas Cuvillier

More than usual in a carton brick with Bodegas Cuvillier

The primary function of packaging is to protect the product, keeping it safe and making sure it gets to the consumer in the same exact conditions as it was first produced, ensuring optimal shelf life.

Of course, because of that, each beverage or liquid food product has its own type of peculiar or recommended packaging.

Think about it: we are all used to seeing milk, dairy liquid products and juices packaged in cartons, but there are actually tons of other “unusual” food products that come in carton bricks, such as water, soup, broths and stocks, probiotics, smoothies, and shakes, even wine and soft, refreshing drinks.

This article is about Argentinian beverage manufacturer Bodegas Cuvillier, owner of the popular Del Valle brand and one of the many companies that decided to fill their products with our eco-friendly yet efficient aseptic packaging solutions.

Bodegas Cuvillier, a leading player in beverage industry

Based in Argentina, Bodegas Cuvillier has been a major player in beverage industry for more than 70 years, with its products being sold in Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Brazil.

Bodegas Cuvillier production plant corporate video featuring running IPI filling equipment.

With three very-well equipped production plants spread between the province of Rio Negro and the area of San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Bodegas Cuvillier now accounts for a great majority of volume and value share of Argentina’s beverage market.

The company is well-known for producing the popular “Sidra del Valle”, the oldest family-run cider farm in the whole country - which is currently also the market leader brand in both Argentina and Latino America -.

Other than that, Bodegas Cuvillier serves the liquid F&B sector with a rich product portfolio, consisting of a wide range of fruit juices and nectars made with a careful selection of the best raw food products from the Alta Valle de Rio Negro area to achieve an incomparable flavor and a refreshing aroma.

New product launches and strategic growth: how do aseptic cartons fit in?

Before choosing IPI, Bodegas Cuvillier had already been producing and distributing delicious fruit juices and nectars in glass bottles.

However, the company soon started looking around for new packaging solutions, that could efficiently provide longer product shelf life and better storing and logistics. But there is more. According to all the latest and most accountable market researches regarding the Argentinian F&B industry, when it comes to juice and nectar packaging, people do prefer when their favorite fruity drink comes in a carton brick – which is, the fully-fledged market standard -.

So, it will come as no surprise that Bodegas Cuvillier soon decided to rely on IPI’s expertise to fill its products and further expand the range of packaging solutions in use.

IPI is a qualified provider of full aseptic filling systems and roll-fed aseptic packaging material, which adapted to all the customer’s needs.

Aseptic carton bricks, in fact, were the perfect answer to what the customer was looking for, since they can be used to efficiently pack a wide range of different products as Bodegas Cuvillier’s ones, significantly extending their shelf life.

When one NSA EVO filler is not enough: Square and Slim juice bricks to further expand the product portfolio

Bodegas Cuvillier ended up installing two NSA EVO fillers, one for 1000-ml Square cartons with one-step opening Twist cap and the other for 200-ml Slim bricks with straw.

The two filling lines were first set up respectively at the end of December 2016 and in late 2017 to then work a full capacity in just a few-months span.

As of today, the company offers both 1000-ml family-size Square and single-serve 200-ml Slim bricks for fruit juices and nectars.

More than usual in a carton brick with Bodegas Cuvillier

From a machine point of view, the two NSA aseptic filling machines seemed tailor-made for the customer.

Not only the production output of the packaging lines was the perfect match to Bodegas Cuvillier production needs, but NSA EVO range also features a very low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) - as the machine requires minimal initial investment, maintenance costs and utilities consumption -.

Finally, NSA is an ultra-compact filling machine, very easy to use and maintain.

In terms of services, IPI provided the customer with prompt and punctual technical support to follow up all stages of installation and production of the lines in the manufacturing plants in Rio Negro and San Fernando, Buenos Aires areas. As of today, the Italian company keeps supplying Bodegas Cuvillier with its portfolio of tailor-made technical and support services.

New opportunities driven by IPI aseptic packages

Also thanks to the partnership with IPI, Bodegas Cuvillier has been able to unlock its full potential with a combination of freshly-launched and accustomed products, packed in IPI aseptic cartons.

Today the company sells its delicious beverages with a Square brick of 1000-ml and a 200-ml Slim one, respectively with Twist caps and straws.

The Argentinian player has thus managed to differentiate its offer, while strongly benefiting from the growth of juice market in Argentina and Latino America.

If you want to know what IPI can do to unlock your full potential, get in touch!

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