Nuovo formato mini da 100 ml Slim

New 100ml Slim, the mini size package

New IPI 100ml Slim, the mini size package

IPI presents the new 100ml slim size package as a novelty in dimensions in the aseptic liquid packaging market.

This new size increases the range of the IPI’s volumes, previously available up to 125ml.

This "mini" package is the answer to the growing demand of products in portion packs, not only from fast growing markets such as Brazil, Asia and the Middle East where packages such as the 125ml have been extremely successful. The demand comes also from the so called “consolidated” markets, where the portion pack is in constant evolution also as a result of the current social-economical moment.

100ml size is particularly indicated for “on-the-go” consumption, for children who consume fruit juices, milk, and for all people who likes to consume products with a higher added value, such as yogurt drinks, coffee drinks, etc.

The new IPI package has been designed in the slim size shape in order to provide an excellent facing of the product. The marketing advantages for the producer and for the mass retail channels are, therefore, multiplied.

The 100ml size is produced by the SA and the NSA aseptic filling machines of IPI.

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