reVIVO: your greener choice

reVIVO: your greener choice

IPI is one of the leading suppliers of systems and materials for the aseptic packaging of beverages and liquid foods. It has always been committed to offer in making sustainable products while constantly reducing their environmental impact. Today consumers are even more demanding and ask for products that reduce CO2 emissions, and are also willing to pay more for sustainable packaging.

Sustainable aseptic bricks

We have always offered sustainable aseptic carton packaging. Our bricks, ideal to pack beverages and liquid foods, are completely recyclable. They are renewable, as their materials mostly come from renewable sources. Indeed, aseptic packaging is made up of about 70% paperboard. Finally, our aseptic carton packaging is responsible. The paperboard of which the bricks are made is FSC® certified, and IPI is certified against ASI Performance Standard.

reVIVO: the new range of sustainable products from IPI

Our bricks, which have always been:


From today they are reVIVO!

Part of the polymers in the cap and in the multilayer of our reVIVO range products have been replaced by biopolymers deriving from sugar cane. The presence of biopolymers of vegetable origin makes our packages renewable up to 90%! Sugar cane bio-based polymers make our reVIVO packages even more responsible: sugar cane, through the biogenic carbon process, absorbs the CO2 during its entire life. Furthermore, the packages of our reVIVO range reduce CO2 emissions into the environment compared to traditional bricks.

Our reVIVO bricks remain completely recyclable as existing waste materials can be reused in order to create ever new products.

Our new reVIVO product range is even more sustainable than our aseptic carton packaging of fossil origin.

The aseptic carton packaging of the reVIVO range is designed for everyone, from adults to children, from those who consume drink with their family to those who prefer an on-the-go consumption! Thanks to the bio-based cap and paper straws, in fact, sustainability is within everyone's reach.

reVIVO: your greener choice

Why reVIVO

reVIVO is the combination of two strongly interconnected concepts:

"re" refers to the concept of sustainable product from an environmental point of view, as a product to be such must be a responsible choice towards the environment, come from renewable sources and be recyclable. With “re” IPI also wants to underline the concept of circularity to underline the lasting sustainability of the choice made with reVIVO products.

“VIVO” means ALIVE. With VIVO, we want to emphasize the renewability of almost all the raw materials used for the reVIVO brand packaging.

Our aseptic carton bricks come from raw materials that:

  • are LIVE and capable of regenerating themselves (i.e. they will never run out), unlike those of fossil origin,
  • when IN LIFE contribute to the environment and life by absorbing CO2 and returning oxygen,
  • return to NEW LIFE at the end of the product's life cycle by being used in products made with secondary raw materials (circular economy).

ALIVE raw materials for a sustainable product, which continues to live over and over again in new forms.

Same performance, more sustainable packaging

The introduction of biopolymers deriving from sugar cane inside our reVIVO bricks does not affect their incredible functionality; the reVIVO range guarantees the same technical, safety and protection performance as your products… But in a more sustainable way!

We have always been committed to offering sustainable products to everyone and we continue to do so; this is why we have chosen to produce packaging with reduced CO2 emissions.

reVIVO borns to brand our continuous improvements on package sustainability.

… Make your greener choice!

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