School milk programme

School Milk Programme

Every year, IPI proudly produces great amount of paper rolls ensuring the School Milk Program all over the world, together with customers and governments of the countries involved.
Aseptic paper is delivered to South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East to be packed and milk-filled for kids and adolescents needs.

According to FAO milk and dairy programs hold promise for improving human nutrition. Milk is an efficient vehicle for delivering numerous critical micronutrients and improving growth of young children.

Results from a global survey on school milk programs conducted jointly by the Food and Agriculture Organization and the International Dairy Federation highlight the crucial role that dairy products play in contributing to adequate intakes of nutrients by children and adolescents and that childhood dairy product consumption may affect various facets of growth and development.

Every year we celebrate World School Milk Day: today millions of children benefit from such programs. Kids are provided with free milk, commonly served in small sizes (between 100 and 200ml): portion pack is the ideal aseptic carton chosen worldwide to be offered to schools for its dimensions, which are suitable for the needs of children, who have long appreciated this solution, that can be fully customized with appealing eye-catching graphics and does not require refrigeration. In addition, the carton production and distribution have proved to be economical and efficient.

The review also shows milk and dairy foods are still as popular as ever and are widely perceived as essential to healthy eating and that schools, teachers, parents and children have a good understanding of the nutritional benefits of dairy and are keen to make dairy healthy go-to foods.

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