UHT milk and aseptic carton packaging - IPI sets up in Mauritania

IPI is a leader in the supply of aseptic systems for the filling of UHT milk, beverages and other liquid foods. It is well known that aseptic packaging of milk requires high skills and when it comes to UHT milk, aseptic carton packs are the preferred choice of customers and consumers. The same is true for many other dairy and non-dairy products, a complex and dynamic world in which IPI has played an important role for more than forty years, helping customers to meet the challenges of the food industry.

In this article, we will see why Société Mauritanienne des Produits Laitiers (SMPL) - an offshoot of the Mauritanian Ministry of Rural Development - chose IPI for the filling of UHT milk in its factory based in Nema. One more step for IPI which settles for the first time in Mauritania, adding this project to the many present in the African Continent.

Providing UHT milk to its citizens - the Mauritanian state project

Before 2017, in Mauritania, the production of UHT cow's milk from local milk was almost non-existent and this raw material was mainly used for the production of derived products such as yoghurt, Raib, curds and other milk derivatives. The rest of the production was used for own consumption or even for the total benefit of the calf. Today, the availability on the Mauritanian market of high quality uht milk, locally produced from local milk has become a reality thanks to Société Mauritanienne des Produits Laitiers (SMPL).

In order to increase milk production and promote the national milk sector, under the impulse of the Ministry of Breeding, a new policy of reorganization of livestock has been put in place to rebuild a real sustainable and integrated system for the development of ''an agropastoral system” capable of ensuring the sustainability of the dairy sector and ensuring sustainable milk production.

In order to transform the milk collected from cooperatives into long-life UHT milk, yogurt and cream, SMPL had to identify the type of packaging and the most suitable and reliable filling lines in order to provide populations with a good local milk even in winter and autumn, when the lactation is lower.

But there is more, the city of Néma is located very far from the main urban centers. Therefore, the chosen supplier of aseptic filling equipment and packaging materials would have to ensure the best support in all activities related to the installation and startup of production of the line, as well as on-site and remote technical support when needed.

How to fully meet customer needs with an aseptic packaging system

After a careful evaluation of the different types of packaging, SMPL decided for aseptic multilayer carton packaging because it best met its requirements: aseptic carton packaging keeps milk safe, fresh and tasty with no need of refrigeration or preservatives. In short, everything the customer needed with nothing but a package.

From a machine point of view, the NSA aseptic filling machine seemed tailor-made for SMPL. First of all, the production output of the IPI packaging line was absolutely perfect for the customer. In addition, the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the NSA is very low. Also, the NSA machine requires minimal initial investment. The maintenance costs and the consumption of the utilities are also low and this makes the filler’s TCO very advantageous from an economic point of view.

Finally, NSA is an ultra-compact filling machine very easy to use and maintain.

In terms of services, IPI provides its customers with excellent on-site and remote technical support. Thanks to the support of local technicians, IPI was able to follow up all phases of installation and production of the line in the manufacturing plant in Néma, assisting SMPL at every stage.

Taking all this into account, IPI's global solution perfectly matching the needs of SMPL was to install 2 NSA aseptic packaging machines for UHT milk in 250 ml Standard shape with straw and one 500 ml Slim package with a Twist cap, very convenient to improve the consumer experience and increase the shelf life of milk after opening.

IPI's responses fully met customer expectations, thanks to the high quality of its solutions and services for aseptic filling and enabled the Mauritanian State to achieve its objectives in terms of experiences acquired for UHT milk.

"The filling line and the most suitable packaging for our UHT milk"

“We are extremely pleased to have chosen IPI as the sole aseptic packaging solutions partner for our local UHT milk - said the CEO of SMPL -, IPI provides us with top quality packaging and we are also very satisfied with the filling line as it has proven to be reliable and easy to manage.

Long-life cartons protect milk for months and allow us to guarantee our citizens healthy products all year round.

In addition, IPI technicians have been close to us every step of the way and flexible to provide excellent services. We are extremely happy to have entered into this partnership and we also plan to package other products in aseptic IPI packaging."

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