UHT milk and fruit juices in aseptic carton packaging: IPI and BON Agroindustrial

UHT milk and fruit juices in aseptic carton packaging: IPI and BON Agroindustrial

In over 40 years of supplying filling lines and packaging materials IPI has faced and overcome many challenges, supporting the development of the aseptic food and beverage industry worldwide. This is why BON Agroindustrial has chosen IPI for the packaging of white and flavoured UHT milk, as well as juices in the Dominican Republic.

BON Agroindustrial: quality and sustainable products

BON Agroindustrial is a family business founded in 1989 that has always used local raw materials to provide consumers with the best, tastier and fresher products, while supporting the social and economic development of the Caribbean country.

Since 2012 BON has been participating in the Student Food Program, a project that aims to guarantee the nutrition of children and young students of the Dominican Republic Educational System.

Why aseptic carton packaging fits all BON Agroindustrial's needs

BON Agroindustrial has always produced fresh milk, fruit juices and jams. In 2020, the company was looking for a solution to extend the shelf life of milk and fruit juices while maintaining their organoleptic properties without artificial additives. The choice was to pack its products in aseptic cartons because, in addition to being an environmentally sustainable choice, they ensure milk, juices and other products have up to 12 months shelf-life without the need for refrigeration.

The customer had already installed an IPI aseptic packaging line in the early 2000s for UHT milk. In 2020, BON chose again IPI by installing two NSA aseptic carton filling lines for long-life milk and fruit juices, one for the 200ml Slim bricks and one for the 1000ml Square packages with Twist cap.

The solution met the ever-increasing consumer demand for long-life products, and has opened up various opportunities for BON Agroindustrial.

The first opportunity the company took was to forge a partnership with one of the largest supermarket chains in the Dominican Republic - BRAVO, for the distribution of its products, as well as those under the BRAVO brand which are packaged by BON which acts as copacker.

Furthermore, since 2012 BON Agroindustrial has been delivering fresh milk and fruit juices to children through initiatives such as the Student Food Program. With COVID-19, the various educational centers participating in the Program have adopted home learning. Home delivery of fresh products to students was not logistically feasible due to high temperatures and delivery times. Aseptic carton packaging was the answer. The government of the Dominican Republic has decided to distribute to student’s houses milk and fruit juices in aseptic bricks. To do this, the 1000 ml format was considered the most suitable as with only one delivery per week it allows to meet the needs of the entire school week.

Customer satisfaction

“Our goal is to provide freshly and tasty products, starting from the raw materials of the Dominican countryside.

The evolution of the market has led us to expand our offer with UHT milk and fruit juices free from artificial preservatives. We opted for the aseptic carton packaging since it proved to be a sustainable and ideal solution to preserve our products and ensure that customers receive the perfect quality they expect from our company.

IPI has provided an efficient and flexible service, proving to be a valid and reliable partner for us. The solutions we have chosen have demonstrated to be successful and respond to our needs, and to those of retailers and consumers.

We were able to partner with BRAVO, one of the main supermarket chains in the Dominican Republic. In addition, aseptic carton packs help us withstand the challenges of home learning, allowing us to continue providing students with milk and fruit juices as we have been doing for many years through the Student Food Program.”

Estefany Marte-Bäckman - CEO of BON Agrindustrial

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