IPI Success story: Casa Vinicola Poletti

When packaging innovation is future-proof. The success story of Casa Vinicola Poletti

"There's a way to do it better", Edison was quoted saying. "Find it". And that is pretty much what IPI has been doing since 1981: looking for new solutions in line with the evolving needs of industrial customers and beverage consumers. As of today, IPI is one of the world’s leading suppliers of aseptic carton packaging for the beverage and liquid food industry. Since about 40 years, IPI has spearheaded innovation, launching cutting-edge aseptic packaging materials and filling machines. 

Right now, IPI is taking a new path, continuously improving its machinery portfolio (NSA EVO) while introducing the ground-breaking FX120 aseptic filling machine and other innovative packaging solutions. FX120 in particular was proven effective with Casa Vinicola Poletti's success story. Casa Vinicola Poletti and IPI are tied by an almost 30-years-long partnership. Poletti uses both NSA EVO and FX120 as well as brick-shaped and premium-format packages, small and large-size.

NSA EVO aseptic filling machine: a reliable, user-friendly, low-investment solution

NSA EVO is the latest evolution within the family of SA roll-fed filling machines. With hundreds of fillers installed worldwide, NSA EVO is a reliable, easy to use, and low-investment solution worth its name. It is compatible with a vast array of applications, including milk and dairy alternatives, juice and nectars, wine, tomato sauces, and others such as coconuts, energy drinks, and more. IPI's aseptic package portfolio is wide, ranging from the typical carton brick formats to premium ones exclusive to IPI, such as Caliz and Superslim up to 1000 ml. 

The machine has a very competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The starting investment is low, maintenance activities are minimal, and so is the utilities consumption. All in all, NSA EVO is perfect for startups and SMEs, and ideal for larger players with medium-to-low volumes and for niche brands looking for a cost-efficient solution. On top of that, NSA stands out for its minimal footprint, thanks to which it can easily find space inside small production plants, making it the world’s most compact aseptic filler by far.  A unique feature of aseptic bricks packaged by IPI with NSA EVO is the top without creasing, which allows for the cap to be applied even in low-size single-portion packages, such as Caliz 250 ml as well as Poletti's. 

Another great plus is the ease of use, as the filler can easily start and run the production. Featuring limited mechanical and electronic complexity, NSA EVO requires very fast and easy maintenance activity. With a good operator training, and the remote assistance, maintenance has never been so simple. 

In addition to this, IPI offers an IoT-powered Data Collection System that stores and processes data from filling machines in order to spot inefficiencies, prevent problems, identify saving opportunities and implement improvements. All things considered, NSA EVO is the smallest aseptic roll-fed filler worldwide and is remarkably easy to operate and maintain.

Flexpeed Aseptic - FX120 aseptic filling machine

Flexpeed Aseptic - FX120 is the quintessential example of IPI’s approach to innovation, as it is a disruptive innovation through and through in the aseptic carton packaging for liquid products, built in line with customer demand and consumer trends. FX120 is the fastest flexible roll-fed aseptic filler worldwide - outcome of the know-how of IPI. 

The machine has been designed to handle different levels of flexibility, such as 1D, that is, in height with the same cross section, or 3D conversion - a level of flexibility that is unique in the world of aseptic carton packaging. FX120 is an aseptic filling machine based on a mechanical drive system which offers greater robustness and significantly higher performance than filling machines mostly based on mechatronic solutions.

Cost-efficiency is top of the line: minimum manpower required, low utilities consumption, low machine downtime. And as far as speed is concerned, FX120 knows no rival among flexible roll-fed aseptic fillers, going up to 10,500 pph for portion sizes (125 - 375 ml), up to 8,500 pph for family sizes (500 - 1000 ml). The automatic change for packaging material reel and sealing tape prevent stoppages, increasing filler efficiency. This, combined with the HMI panel as well as the ergonomic makes FX120 a world-class quality product.

The success story of Casa Vinicola Poletti

History of Poletti

The company was founded in 1928 by Aurelio Poletti. It currently owns about 50 hectares of vineyards: two establishments for winemaking, storage and wine bottling. Located just a few km away from the historic center of Imola, Casa Vinicola Poletti is ISO 9001:2008-certified. Their wines, coming from 100% Italian grapes - either from Poletti or selected Italian vineyards, tell the story of Imola's genuineness and traditions. Packaging-wise, the wine is either bottled in glass or wrapped up in brick, since they use aseptic carton packaging for 250 ml and 1000 ml. Usually, Poletti's wines can be found at hypermarkets and supermarkets for the domestic consumer base as well as for export.

Poletti and IPI: an almost 30-year-long fruitful partnership

The relationship between Poletti and IPI is longstanding. In 1993, Poletti installed its first SA50 filling machine model. The packaging it chose for its wine was the 1000 ml Standard brick, of which hundreds of millions were filled and sold. Subsequently, a new IPI’s SA50 filler was installed, to pack the 250 ml Standard package (1997), which Poletti mainly used for supermarkets and the HoReCa channel. Then Poletti further increased its production capacity with a second 1000 ml Standard packaging line (2003). In 2017, Poletti became the first customer to install an FX120 machine, the fastest flexible roll-fed aseptic filler in the world, which it has used since then for the production of 1000 ml brick Square format packages. Finally, in 2019, Poletti replaced the packaging line for filling 250 ml Standard cartons with a new NSA EVO packaging line to pack its products in the innovative 250 ml Caliz carton shape with the Twist Cap, ideal as it is ready to use and easy to consume on the spot or conserve for later. Today, Poletti uses both the latest IPI technologies, i.e. the continuously improved NSA filling machine (NSA EVO model for 250 ml Caliz premium package) and the innovative FX120 aseptic filling machine for flexible high-speed packaging.

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Why Poletti has chosen IPI

Poletti has chosen IPI first of all because it is a reliable and longstanding partner. After a decades-long partnership, IPI has provided further guarantee of growth and innovation, which ultimately led to a new, state-of-the-art roll-fed aseptic filler, i.e. FX120, as well as innovative carton brick formats such as Caliz 250 featuring the Twist Cap. Also, Poletti has favored the Italian supply chain by doing so.

Moreover, Poletti was looking for a new trend within portion packs - an innovative shape to stand out in the crowded Italian wine market, where premiumisation was increasingly becoming the name of the game. To keep up with evolving consumer demand, aseptic carton packaging manufacturers have always been on the lookout for innovative shapes, perfect for packing high-quality products, whether wine, milk or juice. Originality in shape is a big purchasing factor, as it increases brand recognition. Indeed, shapes and colors are primary ingredients for a strong shelf impact. 

In this context, the choice of the 250 ml Caliz packaging has been crucial for Poletti, in that it has ensured powerful shelf visibility due to its unique goblet shape that ensures a wide surface area, giving plenty of room for brands to showcase their message. Poletti, in particular, exploited the goblet shape to display the image of a goblet of wine, further strengthening brand recognition. Also, Caliz 250 is designed for perfect handling and a pleasant pour-from and drink-from experience - factors which are more and more important in the fast-paced, on-the-go world of nowadays. Ultimately, 250 ml Caliz represents for Poletti a very good opportunity and the first feed-back received from the market is really positive.

Once again, what Poletti needed was a multilayer carton filling machine with small footprint and innovative shape, also ensuring Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction. In other words, a small filling machine with low TCO to satisfy its needs in terms of layout and production capacity. Most importantly, the solution Poletti was looking for had to have a proven and reliable track record. In this area as well IPI lived up to the expectations, providing the latest version of the smallest footprint filling machine (NSA filling platform).

IPI also provided FX120. With the new FX120, Poletti has now a performing and competitive equipment able to grant additional capacity for customer growth. All in all, FX120 is a mainly mechanical filling machine that, thanks to its impressive ease of use and cost-efficiency, decreases maintenance and production cost while ensuring high production capacity for the most important pack-size of the customer.
This is IPI: technology, expertise, and market awareness, all wrapped into one. Innovation, always by the customer's side.

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