IPI aseptic carton packaging portfolio

A broad range of shapes and sizes, to give you a wide variety of packaging solutions.

Caliz - Making your product lovable!

Caliz is an absolute novelty among aseptic cardboard packs. The family of Caliz containers stands out for its attractive design with rounded corners.


Caliz premium aseptic carton shape
SuperSlim shape is an IPI's premium aseptic carton pack

SuperSlim - Higher is better

The SuperSlim’s shape is slender and impossible to miss on the shelf, being higher and more streamlined than any other aseptic carton.


Regular aseptic cartons - Keep it simple

The all-time best-selling carton packages for long-life liquid food. Bricks are efficiently stacked on pallets and containers, as well as supermarkets and home shelves, and have a large printable surface to make your brand noticed.


IPI's brick families are Standard, Slim and Square