IPI aseptic carton packaging material in rolls

Packaging material for aseptic bricks

Packaging material

We have 40 years of experience in providing sustainable, high quality and reliable reel-fed aseptic packaging material manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies and raw materials sourced from world-class suppliers.

We produce multilayer packaging material:

  • for our aseptic filling systems (FX120 and NSA EVO)
  • and for formats for other most common aseptic roll fed machines.
IPI multilayer aseptic packaging material

Multilayer packaging material

Aseptic carton packaging is primarily made from paper. About 75% of the multilayer material is made from paperboard, 20% of polyethylene and 5% of aluminium. These materials are layered together using heat and pressure to form a 7 layered barrier which protects the contents from light, oxygen, air, dirt and moisture. Know more

The aseptic technology allows the product inside to stay fresh, without the need of any preservatives.

IPI packaging material - Keeping food fresher for longer!

Advantages of aseptic carton packaging material

The packaging material is delivered in rolls, in order to ensure our customers fully enjoy all the associated storage and distribution efficiency benefits.

The carton shape is made straight from the roll inside the filling machine, keeping costs down throughout the value chain.

Quality on production process

We carry out over 110 Quality Checks starting from the receipt of the materials, passing through the entire production process up to the palletization of the finished product.

We hold the following certifications for the processes and materials: ASI, FDA, FSC®, FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001.

In our converting plant best-in-class raw material, state-of-the-art technologies and controls ensure top quality multilayer paper rolls.

Pre-press IPI & material separation


Mother rolls, plates, inks and other materials are prepared for printing.

IPI plant - printing


Rolls are printed using the latest Flexo Process technology, resulting in great packaging appeal.

IPI plant - extrusion coating


Printed material is laminated with aluminum foil and polyethylene to ensure a proper protection barrier.

IPI plant- slitting


The mother roll is cut into smaller reels according to required package size.

IPI plant - Pallettizing


Once completed, the rolls of multilayer paperboard are palletized onto pallets and wrapped by stretch film to be shipped.

IPI printing quality

Printing quality

The latest printing technology grants the highest quality to reinforce customer’s brand identity and offers the required flexibility from the market.

With its versatile 8-colour flexo printing machines with excellent registry and the highlight tonal values of the flexographic printing process, IPI can meet the highest expectations in packaging printing.

Flexibility and efficiency are enhanced by our fully automated cliché mounting system for combination printing.

Exclusively solvent free water-based inks are being used.

IPI is award-winning for printing quality.

Packaging material portfolio

We offer a wide range of brick-type and premium-shaped aseptic cartons packed with our aseptic systems. DISCOVER MORE HERE.

In addition, we also offer roll-fed packaging material for the most used formats and sizes of brick-type cartons (from 125 ml to 1000 ml) that can be used on aseptic filling systems of other suppliers. All configurations with standard aseptic alufoil coating, with or without pre-laminated hole for an opening fitment.  DISCOVER MORE HERE.

IPI aseptic bricks portfolio
Bio-based in multilayer packaging structure

Sustainable packaging material

We also produce multilayer packaging material made using plant-based plastics, to offer our customers even more sustainable solutions.



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