IPI aseptic carton packaging material in rolls

Packaging material

High quality beyond the surface.

IPI multilayer aseptic carton

Multilayer material

Our multilayer structure is specifically designed to guarantee a protective barrier for the filled products, structural integrity of the package and excellent sealing properties. Aseptic cartons retain the nutritional values, quality and taste of the products - protecting liquid foods from external agents such as bacteria, light, odours and oxygen.

  1. Internal Polyethylene layer: surface in contact with the product
  2. Adhesive resin: it makes it adhere the aluminium layer to the polyethylene one
  3. Aluminium foil: barrier against oxygen and light preserving nutritional value and the flavour of the liquid in ambient temperatures
  4. Polyethylene: it protects against outside moisture and enables the paperboard to stick to the aluminium foil
  5. Paperboard: it is the main material in all our packages, providing strength and stability
  6. Printing: it makes your package recognizable and appealing
  7. External Polyethylene layer: protection against humidity and external contamination

A world of advantages

The packaging material is delivered in rolls, in order to ensure our customers fully enjoy all the associated storage and distribution efficiency benefits.

The carton shape is made straight from the roll inside the filling machine, keeping costs down throughout the value chain.

IPI aseptic packaging material in rolls is easy to stock and transport
IPI packaging material production plant in Pierantonio, Italy

Packaging material production plant

Our production plant is equipped with the latest printing, extrusion and cutting technologies, which - combined with the know-how of our qualified operators - make it possible to obtain top quality multilayer paper rolls.

Thanks to continuous investment in printers and printing plates, we are able to provide customers with stunning prints that attract the consumers' attention.

Quality on production process

Each stage of the production process of the multilayer packaging material is subject to accurate control by our Quality System.

We carry out over 110 Quality Controls starting from the receipt of the materials, passing through the entire production process up to the palletization of the finished product.

IPI pre-press and material preparation in Pierantonio Plant


Mother rolls, plates, inks and other materials are prepared for printing.

IPI Plant - printing


Rolls are printed using the latest Flexo Process technology, resulting in great packaging appeal.

IPI Plant - extrusion coating


Printed material is laminated with aluminum foil and polyethylene to ensure a proper protection barrier.

IPI Plant - slitting


The mother roll is cut into smaller reels according to required package size.

IPI Plant - Palletizing


Once completed, the rolls of multilayer paperboard are palletized onto pallets and wrapped by stretch film to be shipped.