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Maintenance Services

IPI is strongly focused on maintenance services, developed on the basis of highly consolidated processes aimed at continuous improvement, to guarantee high levels of efficiency and low production costs. Maintenance services are highly customizable by the client based on its real needs and may include specific services belonging to the entire product portfolio. IPI allows you to build the best maintenance contracts to fit your needs and expectations.

IPI Technical Services

Technical Services

Our technical team supports the customer all over the world by providing experience and expertise from the installation of machinery to maintenance, specialist and consulting services.

We intervene in the field with timeliness to meet every customer's needs.

IPI Incident management & troubleshooting

Incident management & troubleshooting

Our technical team is ready to take action to minimize the stop times if necessary. Experienced technicians will be able to identify root causes of problems ensuring a quick restoration through consolidated solutions.

Remote Assistance: Right There, Right Away

Thanks to high-quality audio, video and augmented reality we can now provide real time diagnosis and troubleshooting, exactly as if we were right beside you – without the need of a physical presence.

For more information on how to get advanced support, contact your Customer Service Specialist at technicalassistance@ipi-srl.com

IPI remote assistance services

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