Paper straw on IPI aseptic carton packages

Paper Straws

The use of straws in aseptic carton bricks

Straws are widely used on single-portion liquid cartons since they are practical, functional, and even fun for children. We all know that plastic straws can be recycled, and we will always promote recycling, as we know that their dispersion in the environment represents a problem that can be solved with small actions such as inserting the straw into the carton brick. Unfortunately, too many people do not behave like this and institutions are resorting to regulations aimed at limiting the use of plastic straw in the future in order to protect the environment.

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Paper straw on aseptic brick

Paper straws, anticipating the Single-Use Plastics directive

Our commitment to provide completely renewable packaging has led us to be one of the first suppliers of complete solutions for the aseptic packaging of beverages and food liquids in the world to provide paper straws. Our aseptic bricks are already composed of up to 70% of paperboard, but our aim is to provide a fully renewable packaging, anticipating the Single-Use Plastics (SUP) directive approved by the European Parliament that will ban the use of disposable plastic items such as plastic straws from 2021.

IPI aseptic brick paper straw

Our 100% functional paper straws

Our paper straws are a valid alternative to single use plastic straws for beverage cartons since they are fully functional and meet internationally recognised food safety standards. Being plant-based, paper straws come from completely renewable sources. In addition to being completely recyclable, the decomposition time of paper straws is shorter that the plastic ones, reducing the problem of the dispersion of plastic straws in the environment, which is affecting our seas in particular.


Giving our customers a choice means giving every single person the opportunity to put themselves on the front line to help the environment. Paper straws, ideal for single-portion-sized carton bricks, are part of our broader programme to counter the problem of single use plastic and waste: an important step forward in our path towards providing every-day packaging materials with improved environmental performances.

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