Paperboard is the main material of aseptic bricks


The main material of our multilayer packaging


Our multilayer packaging is composed of paperboard up to 72%. Paperboard comes from wood, a natural and renewable resource. The main material of our packaging is delivered to our converting plant as a roll by the major worldwide paperboard suppliers. The use of paperboard makes our aseptic carton packages lightweight and stable, as well as convenient and safe to transport.

A sustainable choice

Liquid carton packaging is certainly a sustainable choice that consumers can make since it is a valid alternative to plastic packaging. It is now clear to consumers that plastic, and therefore packaging made in whole or in large part of this material, has a negative impact on the environment when compared to safe and green solutions such as beverage cartons. Plastic production depends so closely on oil that it accounts for about 6% of world oil consumption. The main negative consequences that the current excessive use of plastic materials entails for the environment are there for all to see: higher greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. While those effects are hard to deal with and will remain for a long time, oil and plastic do not since they are non-renewable fossil resources.

Paperboard comes from a renewable source

A renewable source

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues, as rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products overwhelms the word’s ability to deal with them. Althought the use of materials from non-renewable sources is sometimes required, it is our duty to make every effort to reduce it. Paperboard comes from wood which is an infinitely renewable source and vital for the environment, being the main actor in the absorption of carbon dioxide and release of oxygen, helping to reverse the greenhouse effect and preserve biodiversity. We make sure that every tree from which the paperboard used in our aseptic carton bricks with FSC label comes from is replaced with a new one.

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