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reVIVO: borns to brand our steps forward on package sustainability

Product sustainability is today one of the key drivers in consumers' purchasing choices. Consequently, it is increasingly important for the industry to offer sustainable products in sustainable packaging and make consumers aware of them in order to increase sales.

Indeed, the reVIVO range reinforces the consumer's opinion that aseptic brick is already the most sustainable packaging compared to PET and HDPE packaging.

Up to 90% from renewable sources!

reVIVO is the brand that identifies the range of IPI solutions for the aseptic packaging of liquid food products which, thanks also to the use of polyethylenes of vegetable origin, offer a higher rate of renewability and a reduced environmental impact compared to the same solutions made with plastics of fossil origin.

reVIVO range consists of packaging material for aseptic cartons, straws and closures.

reVIVO is renewable up to 90%


reVIVO is the combination of two strongly connected concepts:

"re" refers to the concept of sustainable product from an environmental point of view, as a product to be such (in our case a solution for packaging) must be a responsible choice towards the environment, come from renewable sources and be recyclable. With “re” IPI also wants to underline the concept of circularity to underline the lasting sustainability of the choice made with reVIVO products.


VIVO” means ALIVE. With VIVO, we want to emphasize the renewability of almost all the raw materials used for the reVIVO brand packaging.

They come from raw materials that:

  • are LIVE and capable of regenerating themselves (i.e. they will never run out), unlike those of fossil origin,
  • when IN LIFE contribute to the environment and life by absorbing CO2 and returning oxygen,
  • return to NEW LIFE at the end of the product's life cycle by being used in products made with secondary raw materials (circular economy).

LIVE raw materials for a sustainable product, which continues to live over and over again in new forms.

reVIVO, living sustainably!

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