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Tethered Cap

IPI’s Twist Tethered CAP offers a range of significant advantages. The quick, intuitive and effortless opening and closing system of this product is complemented by a tamper-evident ring, ensuring the integrity of the enclosed contents. The closure provides a perfectly sealed environment, guaranteeing the products safety for long periods of time.

Additionally, the design incorporates a high-grip feature to enhance the ergonomic experience during both opening and closing actions. One solution that covers all current packages portfolio (from 200 ml to 1000 ml). A user-friendly mechanism has been developed, prioritizing ease and familiarity. Our aim is to provide consumers with something that they are used to, and that resembles common twist caps found on the market before. for extended periods of time.

Main benefits

  • Quick, intuitive and effortless opening & closing system;
  • Tamper evident ring for product safety;
  • Perfectly sealed after closure;
  • High grip for ergonomic on opening and closing;
  • Opening and closing similar to the most common twist caps on the market (friendly opening for consumer).

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