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Discover the package

Market is always hungry for novelties: surprise it with Caliz! The new carton package is designed for strongest shelf impact, perfect handling and a pleasant pour-from and drink-from experience.

Whatever the angle – style, brand impact, functionality, operational cost – Caliz looks great!

Full 360 degree design possibilities!

The package profile is very appealing and draws attention, encouraging impulse buying. Caliz packs are sleek and fun, yet functional carton designed to stay with you in both on-the-go and at home.

Help your products grow in the market with Caliz!
Whatever the angle Caliz looks great: try it!

Winning design

Starting from the idea of a glass, the common object used for drinking and that naturally fits into the hand, IPI has projected Caliz, an innovative shape. Distinctive and highly visible on shelf, Caliz packs provide both more space for branding and even better grip.

From now on drinking experience will be a pleasure, first for your eyes, then for your mouth.
Caliz design storyline

Highlight the shape to stand out!

Combine graphics to create a great appeal to the package by using messages in the corner, colours that enhance the panel and 360° creative designs…

Graphics to play on Caliz