Feta & other white cheese filled in IPI 125 and 250 ml carton packs

Dairy Land For Milk And Food Industries Sae was founded in 1996 in Al Salehia El Gadida, Cairo, Egypt. With a daily production of nearly 30 tons of cheese per day, the company is confident to bring it up to 40 tons within the next future. The El Zahar branded products are delivered in many parts of the Arabic land such as Saudi Arabia,  Qatar, UAE and Kuwait. Dairy Land provides a wide range of cheese products such as cheddar, kashkaval, mozzarella, edam, gouda, feta and other white cheeses, always with an eye to quality and safety.
Another great case of success: El Zahar has selected IPI, to fill and pack its Feta, Istanbuli and Domiati cheeses in small sized carton bricks (125 and 250 ml) and is shortly coming in 1/2 kg base packs. The product is packed as a liquid form and then solidified along the process. Since in Egypt white cheese is often offered in packages laid out with the long side resting on the shelf, this showing-solution has been chosen also for the 250 ml packs that contain feta, domiati, double cream and istanboli cheese while the 125 ml bricks keep the vertical position.
Today feta is highly appreciated around the world and is commonly used in salads and pastries, or as a table cheese and also delivered in schools for its natural nutrition values. To make traditional feta, in Greece, goat milk is mixed with sheep milk, while in Egypt cow milk is widely used (followed by buffalo milk), and this is well known in all Arabic countries. In Egypt domiati cheese is the most popular national soft white cheese in brine while istambouli has a crumbly white consistency, with a great chilly and aging taste. Today El Zahar Dairy is making all these typical Egyptian cheeses in IPI carton packs which enabled them to keep the great traditional taste in safe and long shelf-life bricks. 
"We are pleased to have embarked this fruitful collaboration with IPI, a world’s leading suppliers of aseptic carton packaging and filling machines for food and beverages. IPI team has shown to have a clear understanding of our requirements to provide a flexible solution that fully addressed our production needs. Our products are highly appreciated by consumers and this makes us proud and willing to expand our cooperation with IPI in cheese and other fields soon." Medhat Mostafa Kamel Al Zahar - Chairman of Dairy Land For Milk And Food Industries Sae.

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