Combining flexibility and speed in aseptic carton filling machines


Combining flexibility and speed in aseptic carton filling machines

You dreamed about a new reliable aseptic filling platform, able to guarantee flexibility to adapt to evolving consumer demands, brand strategies as well as production needs without limiting high-speed performance.

We did it.


Based on market needs, to give you value

It all began by listening to the market, its changing needs and expectations. Not content with our long-term experience, we have asked you, using some of the most important research institutes internationally. We put ourselves on the side of the producers, focused on their production needs and on the wishes of the final consumer.

The result was FLEXPEED ASEPTIC FX120, a new platform for aseptic carton packaging born to bring you value.

When smart engineering meets aseptic knowledge

FLEXPEED is the breakthrough innovation in the aseptic carton-packaging world for liquid food products, deriving from IPI's knowledge in aseptic technology.

FLEXPEED is a state-of-the-art technology, entirely made in Italy, that supports business growth, increasing capacity utilisation and improving the return on investment.



Protect your investment

Packaging size range:
from 125 to 1000 ml

Packaging shape range:
our existing and future packaging portfolio!
It is made possible thanks to IPI 1D Fast change and 3D Conversion.

1D Fast change

One touch on HMI panel to easily activate mechanical shift providing 1D Fast change.

1D Fast change option enables to switch from one pack volume to other formats with the same cross section in only 15 minutes through the replacement of few components.

The sterile condition of the filler is preserved.

3D Conversion

FLEXPEED platform makes it possible, by means of 3D change kit, to switch from family to portion pack and vice versa - also among different shapes.

Flex change
The IPI Flexpeed FX120 aseptic filler combines flexibility and speed up to 10500 pph



FX120 is the fastest flexible roll-fed aseptic filler worldwide.

Up to 10,500 pph for portion sizes (125 - 375 ml)

Up to 8,500 pph for family sizes (500 - 1000 ml)

FX120 has an adjustable speed to existing downstream and processing equipments.



Full mechanical transmission has been adopted in order to ensure a simple and robust machine in production.

In addition, the use of well-established aseptic technology and top quality packaging material is key to the final product safety, stability and aesthetic value.

Main features

Paper sterilisation: hydrogen peroxide bath.

Drive unit: fully mechanical and forced oil lubrication.

  • No hydraulic unit
  • No belt transmission
  • Mechanics protected from contaminants

Preventive maintenance interval over 1,000 hours.

Full mechanical transmission

The mechanical transmission guarantees high accuracy of movement, resulting in high precision and repeatability in filling, strong sealing, high quality of the pack at high speed production.

All movements are driven by a comprehensive system of gears and cams, not using hydraulic actuators or hooking devices.

The critical parts are protected from chemical contaminants.

Reliable Aseptic Technology

Robust and reliable aseptic technology has been applied, resulting in a system of consolidated solutions with the highest performance.

Sterilisation of the packaging material is reached when paper passes through a deep bath of hydrogen peroxide.

FX120 integrates a compact aseptic chamber with sterile air flow.

Sterilisation, filling and sealing processes are continuously controlled, ensuring highest safety quality standards.

Integrated CIP and COP units.

Full mechanical transmission has been adopted in order to ensure simple and robust machine in production
Innovative pack



FLEXPEED is more than a simple machine, it is an innovative development platform! Its design represents IPI’s commitment to innovative packaging and a client’s needs for market distinction.

Main features

  • Designed to form and fill special shapes and sizes
  • Precision in the brick formation and in the package handling

Open-minded platform to stand out

We have designed FLEXPEED as an open-minded machine, ready now to form and fill from regular brick to distinctive and innovative packaging shapes.

Whenever a product portfolio needs to be adapted to the market, FLEXPEED platform effectively supports your quick renewal of brand and product policies.



IPI focuses on long-term profitability and competitiveness.

When developing the FLEXPEED platform, special attention was given to reducing cost for each manufactured package.
The filler is easily accessible and can be operated with minimum manpower.
Low utilities consumption as well as minimal machine downtimes and waste are ensured.

Main features

  • High Machine Mechanical Efficiency
  • Auto adaptive sealing system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Minimal machine downtime and waste
  • Minimum downtime for maintenance

Quality of Final Product

The adaptive induction system guarantees high quality sealing and reliability of each single package.

The movement of the package is always accompanied in all phases and never left to the inertia of the package itself. In this way, the machine optimises package handling, avoiding product damage, waste and machine stops.

Advanced web tension system provides high quality on pack forming.


The system is equipped with automatic change for packaging material reel and sealing tape.

The smart solutions adopted in the material loading area prevents stops, increasing filler efficiency.

Ergonomic Design

Innovations on product flow and machine layout, easiest access to all main groups.
In case of multiple filling machines layout, one operator can control both machines at the same time.

Ipi efficiency
FLEXPEED makes operations easier, as it is equipped with latest generation tools for software and machinery functionality and connectivity



FLEXPEED makes operations easier, as it is equipped with latest generation tools for software and machinery functionality and connectivity.

Industry 4.0 proof.

Main features

  • Ready for full connectivity
  • Pack ML compliant: ready for aiming next industrial revolution (I4.0, IoT)

Human-Machine Interface

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) panel is an intuitive touch screen through which operators can directly control and monitor production process.

It provides:

  • Main data and production performance indicators
  • Advanced trouble shooting to easily perform machine diagnostic
  • Energy consumption monitoring of each functional group
  • Remote monitoring and trouble-shooting through Wi-Fi connection

Boosting Performances, Smartly

FLEXPEED system has been developed looking to the Industry 4.0 revolution, where digitalisation of production data and interactions are vital.

FLEXPEED is designed to be compatible with any smart equipment (PackML compliant), making it possible to monitor complete line performances by using the integrated HMI while - in order to properly monitor one or more filling lines at the same time - Data Collection System (DCS) is offered.

DCS automatically collects operational data presenting them in real time through a user-friendly web interface that can be accessed from any computer or mobile in your local and remote network.

Main benefits:

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) increase with optimised machine utilisation
  • Ready-to-use data
  • Operational cost reduction
  • Machine operator performance assessment
  • Waste reduction
  • Targeted and preventive maintenance
  • Energy consumption monitoring

Downstream equipment

A great filling machine needs to be well-supported by reliable downstream equipment in order to guarantee maximum production efficiency over time.

IPI is a full system supplier providing complete range of secondary aseptic and packaging systems. Whatever the format, size, opening and secondary packaging you need, the right equipment solutions will be easily configured for the best possible solution.

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