Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Reporting System

In the perspective of creating a transparent, ethical work environment in compliance with current laws and regulations, we have established a Whistleblowing System that allows anyone to report improper conduct. We ensure maximum confidentiality in handling reports, enabling individuals to submit them anonymously without fear of personal retaliation.
It is possible to submit a report anonymously to the Oversight Body, which will assess its content and initiate all necessary investigations. The procedure includes a maximum of 7 days to provide initial feedback to the reporter regarding the receipt of the report and 90 days to communicate the status of the case.


  • The report can be submitted through the webform in either "anonymous" or "confidential" modes, or through a voice recording (which will be appropriately altered to ensure confidentiality);
  • The platform has an encryption system to guarantee the confidentiality of the reporter's personal data and the report itself.
  • The data is stored within a dedicated database to ensure the protection of the reporter's confidentiality;
  • The report will be viewed only by the persons responsible for managing the channel;
  • The reporter can access, using the username and password generated by the system, the page of their report to check its progress status.

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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct embodies principles that are at the core of our business model. It ensures that all team members and stakeholders adhere to the highest standards of integrity and expertise.  A framework for ethical decision-making, promoting a culture of respect and clarity.

Discover the principles that drive us by exploring our Code of Conduct.

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