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Environmental sustainability

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reVIVO, a step forward for an even more sustainable packaging

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it" (Robert Swan).

We strongly believe that the environment must be preserved and protected and that is why we are proud to offer packages that are RenewableResponsible and totally Recyclable, aware that our aseptic carton bricks are highly sustainable packaging for liquid food and beverages. We go further with reVIVO, our new range of even more sustainable products born to brand our steps forward on packaging sustainability. Our reVIVO products are fully recyclable and even more renewable and responsible than traditional aseptic cartons.


Renewable packaging

Our aseptic packaging is renewable, as it is mostly composed of materials from renewable sources. In fact, our aseptic carton packages are made of paperboard and biopolyethylene made from sugar cane, which we use to manufacture caps and material layers, and thanks to the use of paper straws, we can proudly say that our packaging is renewable up to 90%. Our R&D aims to provide our customers with a completely renewable packaging material, with no trace of fossil-based materials.


Aseptic packaging is renewable
IPI aseptic packaging is responsible

Responsible packaging

Our aseptic packaging is a responsible choice to protect the environment since the carton bricks supply chain has a much lower impact on CO2 emissions when compared to other packaging solutions. Various reasons contribute to reduce the carbon footprint of our packaging, among which: production, logistics and conservation in liquid cartons. IPI provides its customers with sustainable carton packages made with FSC® certified paperboard from responsibly managed forests and is among the few companies in the aseptic packaging business to be certified against the ASI Performance Standard, assuring the responsible supply of aluminium.


Recyclable packaging

Our packaging is fully recyclable. The transition from linear economy to circular economy means that existing waste materials are recycled and reused in order to create ever new products. Thanks to the separation of the paperboard of our aseptic carton bricks from aluminium and polyethylene a second life is possible for the raw materials. As a company, we strongly promote the recycling of our aseptic carton packaging and commit ourselves to correctly reuse production waste materials.


Aseptic packaging is recyclable

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