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Our history

More than 40 years of successes.

Since its creation in 1982, IPI has experienced strategic growth, developed groundbreaking aseptic filling machines and introduced novel solutions to enhance packaging functionality. Below, the key milestones in IPI's history highlight an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the packaging industry.


In 2023 IPI becomes part of Oji Holdings Corporation, leading company in pulp and paper industry headquartered in Ginza, Tokyo.

Founded in 1873, Oji Holdings Corporation listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is the fourth largest operating company in its sector worldwide.

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2015-2016: FX120-Flexpeed Aseptic, the fastest and most flexible filler in the world.

2015 2016

Thanks to its continuous R&D investment, IPI, in early 2015, released the NSA EVO, which is the latest version of NSA, the best-selling aseptic filling machine. In the same period IPI unveiled Caliz, premium package which gives customer more ways to position and differentiate their brands on the crowded shelf. In addition, in late 2016 IPI launched the FX120, which is the fastest flexible roll-fed aseptic filler worldwide.

2008 2013

In 2013 IPI was acquired by the Coesia Group, a group of innovation-based industrial and packaging solutions companies operating globally, headquartered in Bologna, Italy.

In 2013 IPI was acquired by the Coesia Group
2005 2006 IPI Pierantonio Plant for aseptic packaging material

2005 2006

At the beginning of 2005 IPI developed an even faster and more efficient aseptic filling machine, the NSA. In late 2006 IPI built a new converting plant based in Pierantonio, close to Perugia, Italy. It is equipped with the latest technology for the production of multilayer material in reels.

2001 2002

In 2002 IPI was involved in a management buyout which  took control of the entire Italian company leaving the multinational company International Paper.

IPI San Sisto Corporate Plant
1995 _Twist Cap

1995 1999

In early 1995, IPI upgraded its SA-50 machine by launching the new and faster SA-65 model. Then, at the end of 1999, the company patented the Twist cap which was applied on IPI's bricks, augmenting their functionality, which until then had only applied to bottles.


In 1985, leveraging the experience gained from the Resolvo system and other system pack fillers, IPI took a significant leap forward in aseptic filling technology with the development of the SA50 Aseptic Filler. The SA50 Aseptic Filler represented a remarkable evolution in IPI's capabilities.

SA50 Aseptic Filler


In 1982, a significant milestone was reached with the founding of IPI. It was during this period that the installation of the Resolvo aseptic system took place, representing the inaugural aseptic filler system within the company.