Responsible aseptic bricks

Responsible packaging

The environmental responsibility of our aseptic carton packaging

We develop, produce and supply environmentally sustainable and responsible aseptic packaging material. Consumers want to make responsible purchasing choices, and packaging is an important driver in this. For IPI a packaging is responsible when it involves minimal CO2 emissions compared to other packaging, and the materials of which it is made are managed responsibly towards the environment. When it comes to responsible solutions, we are at the forefront.

The packaging with the least CO2 emissions

The packaging with the least environmental impact

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis quantifies the potential environmental impact of a product. Compared to other types of packaging for long-life liquid foods, shelf-stable bricks are regognized to be a preferable choice if compared to other packaging solutions (Simon et al. 2016). Find out what IPI is doing to further reduce its emissions.


FSC® certified paperboard

Our multilayer aseptic carton packaging is mainly made of paperboard and we promote responsible forest management by using paperboard coming from forests certified to FSC standards.


IPI paperboard is certified FSC

ASI certified aluminium

We are certified by the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) for our commitment to the responsible management of aluminium. We are among the few companies in the world that demonstrate sustainable stewardship of this material: another “brick in the wall” to protect the environment!


IPI aluminium is certified ASI

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