IPI can fill juice and drinks in aseptic carton packages

Juice & Drinks

Packs for all tastes!

We deliver complete solutions and support in every project phase, to ensure you the best aseptic carton packaging for your juice and drinks.

From portion to family size pack, from standard shape to the stylish design of our Caliz brick, and of course the King Twist cap, the biggest opening ever on this market!

Juice, nectar and still drinks

Juice contains 100% of the natural ingredients you find in fruit and vegetables.

The fruit juice in nectar can vary between 25% and 99%, while for fruit drinks less than 25% of fruit is needed.

We provide top level processing and packaging solutions.

Success story: Victoria Cymes / Tom and Jerry

IPI can fill juice and nectars in aseptic cartons
IPI can fill tea drinks in aseptic cartons

Tea Drinks

Tea-based drinks are currently the second biggest consumed by volume and the second fastest growing segment.

Daily consumed for centuries in some countries, nowadays Tea is popular everywhere, served in several ways at any time of the day.


Still, mineral, flavoured or plant water satisfies the primary and healty needs of everyone.

Alternative water, or plant water, consumption is growing fast: it is extracted directly from the plant. Coconut, maple and birch water are the main contenders in the market, with coconut water taking the lion's share. Plant water is also derived from artichoke, watermelon, cactus, aloe, bamboo and many more.

Focus on Coconut water! It is the clear liquid found inside the hollow of young green coconuts, when the proportion of water to meat is highest. Its consumption is growing strongly especially in Asian and Latin American markets being a new low-sugar alternative to 100% juice. It tastes good and is rich in nutrients. This natural sports drink is refreshing to consume on a hot day and provides several health benefits such as lower blood pressure and cholesterol, boosted energy and relaxed muscle tension.

IPI can fill waters in aseptic cartons