Standard, Slim and Square aseptic carton brick shapes

Regular aseptic cartons

Keep it simple!
Standard, Slim and Square cartons

Standard, Slim and Square shapes: the Brick family

The IPI brick shapes are efficient solutions since packaging material, weight and space needed are optimized.

Their rectangular package shapes have been appreciated and widely used around the world for decades thanks to the great benefits in transport and storage, as well as proven functionality in home use.

The Slim family

Sizes (ml) - 100, 125, 200, 250, 335, 375, 500, 750, 1000.

The Slim carton brick family of IPI
The Standard family and the Square brick

The Standard family and the Square pack

The Standard family and the Square pack are the aseptic cartons par excellence, evergreen on the shelf and in all our kitchens.

Standard Sizes (ml) - 200, 205, 250, 500, 750, 1000.
Square Size (ml) - 1000.

Easy to store and transport

Thanks to their rectangular shapes, once formed, filled and sealed Standard, Slim and Square bricks can be efficiently stacked on pallets, trucks and transport containers, as well as on supermarket and home shelves.

Maximum convenience and functionality, minimum costs and space.

The Standard, Slim and Square bricks of IPI are easy to store and transport
Caps and straws on the aseptic bricks of IPI

Twist cap from portion packs

Depending on IPI’s filling machine, we can provide all our shapes with two different types of sealing which determines the openings that can be applied on the pack. No sealing on top is an exclusive feature of carton packs filled by IPI’s NSA filling platform, and makes it possible to apply the King Twist cap starting from the 500 ml bricks, while the Twist cap can be applied on single portion packs.

You can choose from a wide portfolio of openings and straws.