Alce Nero and IPI revivo aseptic cartons

Alce Nero has chosen the reVIVO range, as even more sustainable aseptic carton packaging by IPI

Organic plant-based beverages are packaged in Caliz 500-ml cartons from the reVIVO range, consisting of 74% of materials from renewable sources. Nectars will also soon be available in the reVIVO Slim 200-ml pack.

Alce Nero is a leading company which has been operating since 1978 in the cultivation and processing of organic products, and now partners with over 1,000 farmers in Italy and 10,000 small family businesses in Central and South America. The company has, for many years, been using IPI systems and materials for aseptic carton packaging to preserve and protect the quality of Alce Nero brand plant-based nectars and organic plant-based drinks in the long term.

IPI is one of the leading suppliers worldwide of solutions for the aseptic packaging of beverages and liquid food. For more than forty years, IPI has been supplying roll-fed multilayer aseptic cartons, packaging lines and customised technical support in over fifty countries.

The multilayer aseptic cartons, produced with the solutions offered by IPI, have always been sustainable packaging because they are Recyclable, Renewable and Responsible towards the environment. And they are even more sustainable now with the new reVIVO packaging range.

Alce Nero plant-based beverages with new packaging, 74% of which comes from renewable sources

Alce Nero renews its socially responsible commitment to the planet and its inhabitants by choosing, for its plant-based drinks, the reVIVO version of the IPI Caliz 500-ml carton with Twist cap, consisting of 74% of materials from renewable sources.

With the new reVIVO range, IPI can now supply packaging with an even higher level of renewability and lower CO2 emission level by using bioplastics made from sugar cane, instead of fossil-derived polymers.

Alce Nero’s choice is confirmed by a new awareness among consumers for whom packaging with a low environmental impact is an important driver in the purchase decision-making process.

The reVIVO Caliz carton: Alce Nero’s socially responsible choice

Product life-cycle assessments (LCA) were commissioned by IPI for Alce Nero’s packaging choice.

The assessments were carried out in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards and certified by CASQA, the leading certification body in the agriculture and food and beverages sector. The results of the LCA carried out on the Caliz 500-ml cartons with Twist cap from the reVIVO range showed a 10.2% reduction in CO2 compared to the same carton which did not use biopolymers.

Since the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is responsible for the potential warming of the planet, reducing the quantities of CO2 emitted by a package during its life cycle is a tangible contribution to preventing climate change.

The LCA also showed how the use of plant-based polymers has positive effects in preventing damage to the ecosystem, human health and any other life forms on the planet due to the consumption and exploitation of natural resources.

And now the reVIVO 200 Slim for organic nectars

The new Alce Nero pack in the reVIVO version of the Caliz 500-ml format is available for the entire range of plant-based drinks (soy, rice, Basmati rice, oat, almond and spelt).

But the Bologna-based company has gone even further. In the coming months, the new reVIVO cartons for Alce Nero organic nectars will also be available in the 200-ml format, with 75% of materials from renewable sources. From 2022 the single-portion cartons will have paper straws.

A new challenge, backed also by a partner like IPI, with forty years’ experience in the aseptic carton packaging of beverages and liquid foodstuffs.

IPI’s commitment to increasingly sustainable packaging

At IPI, we strongly believe that the environment must be preserved and protected, which is why we are proud to offer Renewable, Responsible and totally Recyclable packaging, well aware that our aseptic cartons are a highly sustainable packaging solution.

With the new reVIVO range, featuring multilayer aseptic cartons and caps which use plant-based polymers and paper straws, we have taken another step along the path of packaging sustainability.

reVIVO is the tangible demonstration of our ongoing commitment to creating packaging that is always recyclable, increasingly renewable and with even lower CO2 emissions.

… Make your greener choice!

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