FX120, the future of aseptic filling machines

FX120: the future of aseptic filling machines


FX120 is here!

We dreamed about a new reliable aseptic filling machine able to guarantee the flexibility necessary to adapt the business to evolving consumer demands, brand strategies as well as production requirements, without limiting high-speed performance.

We did it.

Innovation in the aseptic carton packaging sector: let’s discover FX120

During our 40 years of work as aseptic carton suppliers of packaging for the beverage and liquid food industry, we have collected data, customers and market requests for the development of new solutions.

The output is our innovative FX120 aseptic filling machine: the fastest on the market, it is flexible, reliable and smart.

Let’s discover its characteristics:


The FLEXPEED system gives a never seen range of existing and future carton packaging formats and volumes. It provides 1D fast change and 3D conversion.

For an easy change of your product strategy on the market: Premium shape or standard rectangular brick? Simply both!


The FX120 mainly provides mechanical solutions. This ensures greater guarantees in terms of reliability, efficiency, accuracy, ease of use and maintenance.

All these features ensure particularly competitiveTotal Cost of Ownership.


The filler is easily accessible and can be operated with minimum manpower. Moreover, it ensures low utilities consumption and minimal machine downtimes.


FX120 is the fastest flexible roll-fed aseptic filler worldwide:

  • Up to 10,500 pph for portion sizes (125 - 375 ml)
  • Up to 8,500 pph for family sizes (500 - 1000 ml)


Designed to form and fill special shapes and sizes whenever product portfolio needs to be adapted to the market, thus effectively supporting a quick renewal of brand and product policies.


FX120 is designed to be compatible with any smart equipment (PackML compliant), making it possible to monitor complete line performances by using the integrated HMI while – to properly monitor one or more filling lines at the same time – Data Collection System (DCS) is offered.

To explore the features, watch the FX120 video and contact our experts for a dedicated consultation.

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