Greenway Farms

IPI’s 750ml and 330ml SuperSlim carton pack have been selected by Greenway Farms for its 100% carrot juice

The leading carrots farmer has selected IPI’s SuperSlim aseptic carton packaging in 750ml and 330ml volume for its premium Rugani brand 100% carrot juice.

Greenway Farms is the South African leading carrot farmer, delivering more than 200 tons of Rugani brand carrots a day. Started in 1992 as a small farmer growing different types of vegetables for the South African National Fresh Produce Market, in 2000 owners Vito Rugani and Vincent Sequeira decided to specialize in carrot farming only. Good catch, as today 40% of carrots consumed in South Africa are Rugani

Greenway Farms carefully selects farmlands thus ensuring ideal growing conditions all year round to obtain healthy products. Quality and health are Rugani’s pillars in addition juice is very high in lutein and beta-carotene which are antioxidants beneficial for skin, eyes and the cardiovascular system.
To enhance its top-level product, Greenway Farms has chosen IPI’s appealing new SuperSlim line aseptic carton packaging. SuperSlim shape is a slender package impossible to miss on the shelf, being higher and more streamlined than any other. In addition, IPI’s patented King Twist cap on the 750ml – the largest opening ever on the aseptic carton market – makes the product even more attractive. Today, stylish aseptic carton packs are widely spread around the world offering both superior quality and niche liquid products. 

Vito Rugani CEO at Greenway Farms (Pty) Ltd. explains, “We believe our juice should taste as wonderful as our carrots: we grow them in the most natural environment keeping the micro life in our soil. To guarantee the freshness and quality of our juice, we harvest our carrots at sunrise and seal away by sunset”. 
“Greenway Farms aims to show its product quality using both the IPI’s premium shape 750ml and 330ml SuperSlim, a tall and slender orange pack with a big white cap, recalling our beloved fresh vegetables. Moreover, aseptic carton packaging is an environmentally responsible choice that perfectly fits our vision since it is recyclable and requires minimum use of raw materials.” concludes Vito Rugani.

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