New logo announcement: IPI changes its look!

New logo announcement: IPI changes its look!

October 5th, 2023 - we are pleased to introduce IPI’s new logo and visual identity following our recent acquisition by Oji Holdings Corporation, Japan, a global leader in pulp and paper industry, sealed in May 2023.

Oji Holdings Corporation, which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, operates more than 180 production sites worldwide and engages in forestry, pulp and paper operations in various countries including Japan, Australia, Brazil, USA, China, New Zealand among others. Oji celebrated its 150th anniversary on February 12th, 2023.

IPI’s refreshed visual identity is more than just a mere change in appearance; it embodies and represents our enduring commitment to competence, quality, and responsibility - values which have been deeply engrained in IPI’s core identity for over 40 years, and under the guidance of Oji, they will be not only been enhanced but also reinforced.

The new logo, defined by dynamic lines, alongside a dot symbolizing a cap, embraces a solid and secured space, a package that envelops and safeguards its content. It represents IPI’s steadfast dedication to providing complete aseptic packaging solutions to protect beverages and liquid food products with unmatched excellence and reliability. With a storied legacy, IPI has dedicated itself to delivering cutting-edge solutions and being a steadfast and dependable partner. Someone you can always trust, whether you are a customer or a partner; someone committed to serving the community and the environment. 

Experience the shape for trust: join us on this new, exciting journey, as we continue to redefine industry standards and reinforce our commitment to innovation, quality to shape your trust.

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