IPI Superslim aseptic carton on shelve

SUPERSLIM, aseptic carton packages

Higher is better.

Premium in consumers' eyes, efficient for producers

SuperSlim shape is a slender package impossible to miss on the shelf, being higher and more streamlined than other brick shapes.

Designed to be noticed

Alongside the other brick shapes on the shelf, SuperSlim stands out thanks to its unrivaled height.

SuperSlim is a really good way to increase your visibility on the crowded shelf: its front side has a surface 25% greater than that of the other bricks on the market.

IPI Superslim carton pack on the shelf

Ideal for premium products

Although SuperSlim may seem like a simple rectangular package, it is much more! Its proportions are unique and new and make a great impact on the shelf. For this reason SuperSlim is a shape ideally suited to premium, special and niche products. For example, 100% organic carrot juice!

This not only for the family-size packs, but also among the single-portion ones where its lean shape and the cap make the aseptic carton attractive and comfortable, in its simplicity!


SuperSlim aseptic carton package sizes (ml): 200, 330, 750.

Our form-fill-seal system allows customers to apply IPI patented caps on all the SuperSlim cartons from the 330 ml on.

SuperSlim package sizes
Pallet of IPI SuperSlim bricks

Maximizing logistical advantages

When it comes to palletization and logistics, the SuperSlim aseptic carton package has nothing to be envious of from other regular brick shapes.

In fact, our premium packaging has been designed and developed taking into account the needs of the most common palletizing tools, such as Euro-Pallets dimensions.

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