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Twist cap

The Twist Cap is the one-step opening patented by IPI. 

Our screw cap can be applied to aseptic packages of all sizes starting from 200ml up to family sizes such as 1 liter. 

The Twist Cap opens and closes very easily, allowing you to pour the product in the best way and to preserve it longer once the package is opened. 

Main benefits

  • one-step opening 

  • easy to open, pour from and reseal 

  • good opening grip  

  • clearly visible tamper evidence ring 

  • excellent pouring for smooth product flow 

  • ideal from portion to family packs  

  • available in various colours  

  • also available made of vegetable plastics 


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Easy to open (one-step opening)

Our cap is one-step-opening: twist it, pour and drink - no additional tabs or parts to remove! 

While unscrewing the cap, the cutter perforates the aseptic carton and the brick is opened. 

Consumers recognize that the package has never been opened before thanks to the clearly visible tamper evidence ring

Ideal from portion to family pack

Thanks to its small size, the Twist Cap can be applied starting from single-portion cartons of 200 ml, ideal for on-the-go consumption, up to aseptic bricks in family size. 

What does it mean? Smart management of closure systems, thanks to a reduction in the variety of items to be procured and managed in your warehouse.  

IPI Twist cap - from portion to family pack
IPI twist cap - bio based material

Available also in BIO-based material

Our Twist cap is also available with BIO material! The cap, made of vegetable plastics, increases the percentage of renewability of the aseptic packaging making it even more sustainable! Quality-wise, the bio-based cap maintains the same performance and functionality of the one of traditional plastics. The bio-based Twist cap is made of plastics from sugar cane, a renewable resource.


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