IPI King Twist cap

King Twist Cap

Our latest opening device creation.

We developed the King Twist Cap, the largest opening ever seen on the aseptic carton market.

IPI King Twist opening on UHT milk

Simply unique!

No sealing on top is an exclusive feature of carton packs filled by the IPI’s NSA filling platform, and makes it possible to apply the King Twist cap starting from the 500 ml packaging size.

28 mm pouring hole diameter!

Best pouring ever

Quick to pour - The large hole allows quick product pouring: you can empty a 1 litre package in only 15 seconds!

best pouring
One step opening - King Twist

One step opening!

Easy to open - King Twist is a one-step opening cap: unscrew it and pour the beverage, without additional tabs or parts.

Only minimal force is required to open it.

The resealable cap maintains the characteristics of the product once the package has been opened.